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A Sweet Solution to the Afghani Drug Trade.
Los Angeles based Steviva Brands, Inc. believes they have the solution to the Afghani drug trade...


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The Steviva Company was founded in February of 1999 by Thomas J. King. Thom King had been involved with the stevia market since 1989 when he came in contact with Jim May, the founder of Wisdom of the Ancients. Back then the FDA and a complete ban on the importation of stevia and stevia extracts.

When the FDA finally lifted their ban on the importation of Stevia, King started exploring the possibilities of importing it himself. In 1998 a source for clean pure stevia was located and importation began.

Steviva, stevia is bottled locally in Woodland Hills, California which is 15 miles east of Malibu in the San Fernando Valley.

After an amazing reception by the Internet healthy community King started to increase the Steviva product line to include an assortment of products to help people with dieting, aging and general good health and well being.

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