Wednesday, April 21th 2004

I hope this day finds you well. Are you are doing well on your journey to your desired weight? We at Steviva send you our support and our best wishes in your endeavor. It takes discipline and support. Please think of us and your support group.

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Why Do Low Carb Diets Work?

The reality is, they works because you can stay on this diet for long periods of time (or for good, if desired) without the urge to stop.

How does this low carb diet work?
Right now, your body is burning carbohydrates for energy. If you go for a jog, your body will burn carbohydrates for fuel. The fat will still be stored on your body.

If you don't eat many carbohydrates, your body will look for an alternative source of energy. Fat! Over time, a low carb diet will reprogram your body to burn fat for its energy first, then carbohydrates second.

In the beginning, you'll start with only a few carbohydrates per day. As time goes on, you'll carefully begin to add a few more carbohydrates here and there - and your body will continue on with its new habit of burning fat for fuel. This is what nature had intended.

Why this low carb diet works.
As time goes on, your body will get used to burning stored fat for energy. When you start losing weight - which usually starts happening during your first few days - you will have successfully begun the process of reprogramming your body to do the right thing: burn fat instead of carbohydrates!

Just before I sat down a moment ago, I had a bowl of blueberry cornflakes with milk and a dash of Steviva Blend. Altogether, it was about six carbohydrates - max. :) Life is good. (And it wasn't a little bowl of cereal either).

Oh, I can't leave out that I had a hot dog and a cheeseburger (each with low carbohydrate rolls and ketchup) just before that. After lunch, I needed something sweet. That's where the bowl of cereal came in. Maybe later I'll have some ice cream made with Steviva Blend.

When I started on this diet over a year ago, I wondered how I would do it. No bread! No sugar! Ever again?! How would I manage this?!

Well, needless to say, I failed on my first attempt (and several attempts thereafter). Eventually, while out with friends at an ice-cream parlor, I ate some ice cream and canned my low carb diet.

It worked well while it lasted! I lost ten pounds in less than two weeks. My face looked thinner and I managed to pop into a new hole on my belt. But, as soon as I lost control and started eating carbohydrates again, the weight came back.

Being determined to change my life once and for all and lose weight for good, I pursued the low carb diet with a great many hours of feverish research (which I have compiled in my book) and came to this conclusion:

You do not have to give up your favorite foods while on a low carb diet.

There are low carb diet substitutes for just about every snack you can imagine! And if they weren't any good, I probably would never have been successful.

Are you excited? I hope you have a big appetite because you're going to eat a lot on this diet.

Like most things in life, there's an 80-20 formula. Most of what I tried in the beginning was a waste of time. I boiled the whole process down to doing a small number of things precisely. This trial-and-error process developed a tight battlefield-tested system that works - and will work for you (and save you the 12 month learning curve).

Don't make the same low carb diet mistakes that everybody makes. Many people struggle through a low carb diet and give up with little or no results. Losing weight can be extremely easy. Let me show you exactly how to do it safely, effectively, and properly so you lose weight quickly and keep it off for good. Let's make this the last diet you ever need - and most of all we'll make it enjoyable.

Pasta, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, bagels, cereal, cake, bread, donuts, tacos, chips, hot dogs and cheeseburgers with buns - Impossible?! Not on this low carb diet! I'll show you how.

Are you ready to lose weight?
If I could show you how to lose 25 pounds in your first month - wouldn't this diet be worth a try?

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Would it be safe to say that this is the smallest investment you've ever made to benefit your health for the rest of your life?

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Sugar Free - Low Carb Vanilla Ice Cream

Makes 1/2 gal

10 egg yolks
2 quarts half & half
1 whole Vanilla bean
1-2 tsp. good vanilla extract
1 cup Steviva Blend add more if you like it bit sweeter

Beat egg yolks 3- 5 minutes. In large saucepan simmer half-&-half with vanilla bean for 30 minutes. Discard vanilla bean. Temper by pouring some of cream mixture into eggs slowly. Slowly mix all eggs into pan mixture. Simmer until thick. Add Steviva Blend and vanilla extract. Strain into chilled bowl. Freeze in ice cream maker or shallow container. Garnish with Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce made with Steviva Blend, Whipped Cream made Steviva Blend with and maybe even a Sugar Free Cherry on top.

Total Carbohydrates: 22.25
Carbohydrates per Serving: 1.8