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June 2 , 2013

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
vanquishing lost dreams and regret

Louise E. Boone, emeritus professor of business at the University of South Alabama was quoted to say “The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have”. Motivational speaker and life coach Anthony Robbins says “If you live by Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda you are shoulding all over yourself”.

All of us have a mental list of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's even you [FIRST_NAME]. These three words comprise regret. Regret is a negative emotional reaction to personal past acts or behaviors. Regret is often expressed by the term "sorry." Regret can often bring up a feeling of sadness, shame, embarrassment, depression, annoyance, or guilt, after one acts or doesn't act in a manner and later wishes not to have done so. Regret can show up from an act that has been committed, but also, importantly, regret of inaction. Many people find themselves wishing that they had done something in a past situation. Regret is something none of us should live with.

Here are a few tips on identifying the regrets or Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's in your life and taking steps to vanquish them.

Take a piece of quality paper. Divide it into three columns. The first column should read Shoulda, the second Coulda, and the third Woulda.

Let's begin with the shoulda column and write, “I really should have…” Imagine you have less than six month to live. Let the phrase “I really should have…” settle in. Think about it, for days if need be. This is a work in progress. Once it has gestated begin your writing. “I really should have been nicer to Bill”, “I really should have gone back to school”, “I really should have laughed more”. You get the idea.

Now move to the coulda column and write, “I could have…” Imagine again you have less than six month to live. Let the phrase “I could have…” settle in. “I could have been musical if…”, “I could have gone to…” You get the idea. Keep writing until there is nothing left. Remember this is a work in progress so, you can come back to in anytime.

Lastly move to the woulda column and write, “I would have if…” Let this sink in. Some examples could be “I would have gone back to school but…” I would have traveled more but…” I am sure you have a few of these in your head by now.

Here comes the easy part. Now that you have the basic architecture of your regrets laid out, it is time to dismantle them. At the bottom of your three column page start your bucket list. If you are not familiar with a bucket list; it is a list of things you want to accomplish before you “kick the bucket”. Everything in your columns should make it on your list, after all you did envision you only had six month to live, right? Now is the time to vanquish these shoulda, coulda, woulda's. Start erecting your action plan to get rid of the pesky regrets. For instance; “I really should have gone back to school, so I am enrolling in classes next week and will get my degree in the next two years.” Or, I could have been a better father, so I am will listen to my children more and take an interest in their lives today.” Or, I would have traveled to Greece but, I had a family instead. But, now that my children have grown, I will enjoy a Greek holiday in the next two years.” Some of your shoulda, coulda, woulda list may not be able to be accomplished. People move and circumstances change. These situations will need to be let go of by making an agreement with yourself that you recognize these regrets as unresolved and you agree to not get into these situations again and then forgive.

In the end [FIRST_NAME] we only regret the things we didn't do. You don't need a near-death experience to decide to live your life to the fullest.

Have an excellent week.

Thom King
Steviva Brands, Inc.

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Accept Change With A Smile
Max Steingart

Sooner or later you'll experience a crisis in your life, and how you meet it will determine your future happiness and success. Since the beginning of time, everyone has been called upon to meet such a crisis.

A closer look will show you that most "crisis situations" are opportunities to either advance or stay where you are. In fact, most changes in your life will take place out of either "inspiration" or "desperation."

Whatever comes your way, give it meaning and transform it into something of value. Your personal growth is the process of responding positively to change.

A precious stone cannot be polished without friction, nor humanity perfected without trials.

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National Headache Awareness Week
three things that could be a cause
by Dr. Alisha Moadab, N.D.

Headaches come in various forms, for some it's a minor annoyance and others it can be debilitating. There are more than four different classifications for headaches. In mainstream medicine the common tool is the prescription pad for to help alleviate the pain, or in some cases to try to catch it before it starts. Neither of these options are looking at why someone is suffering in the first place. Here are three things that could be contributing to head pain:

1. Gluten-it's a protein found in many grain products and processed foods. Many people fall on a spectrum of their bodies tolerance to it. For some avoiding gluten can dodge the pain, in their head, or in other places in their body.

2. Hormones-a woman's monthly cycle and the timing of headaches if correlating at time of ovulation or menses could indicate that estrogen or progesterone can be off balance, and be part of the cause.  

3. Posture-tension headaches in particular may start with trigger points in the back muscles. These muscles can get imbalanced with some being overused and others underused with improper posture either while standing or while working at the computer or desk for prolonged periods.

For the next week, try going gluten free, keep a diet and headache diary, if you're a woman also write dates of ovulation and menstruation. Also be sure that your ears, shoulders, and hips are all in line, so that if someone were to be looking at you from the side the could connect these points in a straight line, this is the form for good posture. These tips may help with your headaches. Take this information to your Naturopathic and Integrative Doctor to help get to root cause!

In Good Health & Beauty,
Dr. Alisha Moadab, N.D.
Dr. Alisha N.D.

This information and other information is intended for general reference purposes only and is not intended to address specific medical conditions. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical exam. Prior to participating in any exercise program or activity, you should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional. No information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.


Capturing Life’s Flavor
Taking a Field Trip
by Madisyn Taylor

Adding variety to your life in the form of a field trip can break up the monotony of your days and lead you to adventure.

When we were children, few words were more exciting to hear than the phrase “field trip.” Field trips were a break from schoolwork and an opportunity to go on an adventure with friends. Now that we are grown ups, taking a field trip can be just as fun and memorable – if only we were willing to sign our own permission slips so we could go on one.

Allowing yourself to get stuck in your routine can make life seem boring. Adding a touch of variety to your life in the form of a field trip can break up the monotony of your days and lead you to adventure. Unlike the jaunts that were regulated by teachers or monitored by parents, taking a field trip as an adult can lead you anywhere you want. You can go on a daylong retreat or spend just a few hours at your destination. A field trip can be an opportunity to explore a new landscape or discover something about yourself. Taking a day trip to another town or visiting an unfamiliar spot in your neighborhood can be educational and fun. There is also much to be said for finding a beautiful spot under a tree where you can read a book. You can even go to one of your favorite spots and allow yourself to experience it as if you were visiting there for the first time. Going on a field trip is as much a state of mind as it is a change in the scenery.

During a “grown up” field trip, schedules, clocks, and duties are put aside so you can focus wholeheartedly on mindfully enjoying yourself. Planning a field trip can be almost as fun as going on one. A field trip is an excursion to look forward to and an experience to be savored after the fact. Wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do, going on a field trip can add much pleasure and excitement to your life.


Low Glycemic No Added Sugar Strawberry Mango Sorbet
Serves: 8
Carbs Per Serving: 7.9 g
Prep Time:<55 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

If you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be. Not only are they juicy, summery and delicious, they’re a bona fide super food, too. Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C), strawberries offer a wide range of health benefits, some of which may surprise you. Here's a super easy recipe that incorporates natures berry of beautiful bounty. Say that three times fast.

1/2 cup Fructevia, Steviva Blend or 1/16 teaspoon Steviva Brands Pure Stevia Powder
1-1/2 cups water
1-1/2 cups chopped peeled mangoes
1-1/2 cups fresh strawberries, halved
1/4 cup lime juice

In a small saucepan, bring Fructevia, Steviva Blend or Steviva Brands Pure Stevia Powder and water to a boil. Cook and stir until Fructevia, Steviva Blend or Steviva Brands Pure Stevia Powder is dissolved; set aside to cool.

In a food processor, cover and process mangoes and strawberries until pureed. Transfer to a large bowl; stir in sweetened syrup and lime juice.

Pour into a adequately sized bowl or dish; cover and freeze for 45 minutes or until edges begin to firm. Stir and return to freezer.

Freeze two hours longer or until firm. Just before serving, transfer to a food processor; cover and process for 2-3 minutes or until smooth.

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