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Some Good Shut Eye Can Prevent Weight Gain

It is a fact that Americans and people around the world are sleeping less than they did just a decade ago. In fact, the trend seems to be getting worse. While most of us know that sleep deprivation can rob us of concentration and make us cranky, most do not realize that it can actually…
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Facts About Exercising the Right Way

In order to gain maximum benefits from exercise it has to be aerobic, for at least 20 minutes duration, carried out on a regular basis, 3 - 5 days a week is best. To achieve this level and regularity it is best to try to incorporate exercise into your daily life - walk to work,…
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Why Use Steviva? Stepping it up with Stevia

Stevia is created from plant. More and more people are going back to more products that originate from natural (or organic) products. This sweetener originates from a natural plant in South America. It is sold in liquid, powder and leaf form. The leaf form allows you to grind the plant done into fine parcels. The…
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The Enormous Array Of Benefits of Stevia

Originating from Paraguay, the stevia plant has been used worldwide for over 30 years in countries like Japan. Due to a study that was believed to be flawed in the 1990s, the United States (FDA), will only permit stevia to be sold as a supplement. Although the FDA has placed these limitations on stevia, other…
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