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Escaping the Gluten

Though this gluten free diet can help you lose weight due to the avoidance of grain and other carbs, it generally is highly recommended for the person out there who suffers from Coeliacs [also known as Celiacs] disease and/or has a wheat allergy. What is Celiacs disease you ask? This is a fairly common digestive…
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Low Glycemic No Added Sugar Applesauce Cookies

These Applesauce Cookies are a delicious dessert which is low in fat, high in fiber and the sugars contained in the un-sweetened apple sauce are easily digested without spiking blood sugar levels. We have cut out the added sugar but have keep all the comforting and delicious flavor applesauce cookies deliver. Bon Appetit. Serves: 24…
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Keep the Weight From Coming Back

Now that you have lost it, keep it way As you make your way along your weight loss journey, you may find you have a recurring fear: What if the weight comes back after I reach my goal? Research shows that it's a well-founded fear because most people that lose weight regain it, and more.…
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Listening to Your Inner Guide

5 Ways to tap into and trust your intuition Listening to your intuition is one of the most powerful assets you can carry in your saving account of personal development tools. But, it is one of the most difficult to tap into. Most of us do not trust our intuition fully. Not because our intuition…
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Possible Causes of Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings often have many facets. Because eating is so intimately connected with our biochemistry and our emotions, we “digest” sugar on many levels. You may notice there’s a pattern to when you crave sugar — for so many of my patients it is cyclical, occurring nightly after a stressful day at work, monthly just…
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The Low Glycemic Load

The glycemic index load is a numerical value given to food that indicates the effect it has on blood glucose levels in the body. It is based on a mathematical formula that accounts for both the type and amount of carbohydrates eaten. Choosing carbohydrates that have a lower glycemic index load on the body, and…
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Affiliate and Make Money, Try Steviva Affiliation

[fb-like-button] Making Money From Advertising and Affiliating If you look at many websites, you will probably notice that there are banner advertisements displayed on most pages. If you are a newcomer to the scene, you might think that you must either be a company or that your site must be famous before you can get…
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Low Glycemic Sugar Free Sweet Potato Pie

[fb-like-button] White potatoes, corn, rice, and white bread all have a high glycemic index and can cause a spike and an ultimate drop in blood sugar. Diabetics and others wanting to avoid glucose highs and lows can turn to sweet potatoes, which have a low glycemic index.  The sweet potato is a good source of…
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Removing Obstructions, Allowing Our Light To Shine

[fb-like-button] When we don’t feel ourselves shining, we can tune inward to find the block that prevents us from shining our light. There are times when we may not feel at our best and brightest. At those times we can take a look at what we might do to let our inner light shine to…
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