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Controlling Your Blood Sugar and Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is an epidemic in western culture, and left unchecked can lead to serious health conditions. Help can be found with some herbs that control blood sugar. It can be a frustrating experience dealing with diabetes. Once the body has lost its ability to regulate glucose levels, it needs outside assistance. This is usually done…
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Escaping the Gluten

Though this gluten free diet can help you lose weight due to the avoidance of grain and other carbs, it generally is highly recommended for the person out there who suffers from Coeliacs [also known as Celiacs] disease and/or has a wheat allergy. What is Celiacs disease you ask? This is a fairly common digestive…
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Low Glycemic No Added Sugar Applesauce Cookies

These Applesauce Cookies are a delicious dessert which is low in fat, high in fiber and the sugars contained in the un-sweetened apple sauce are easily digested without spiking blood sugar levels. We have cut out the added sugar but have keep all the comforting and delicious flavor applesauce cookies deliver. Bon Appetit. Serves: 24…
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Keep the Weight From Coming Back

Now that you have lost it, keep it way As you make your way along your weight loss journey, you may find you have a recurring fear: What if the weight comes back after I reach my goal? Research shows that it's a well-founded fear because most people that lose weight regain it, and more.…
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