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No More Excuses… It is Time To Get Fit!

[fb-like-button] Excuses are like ********, everybody has got one and they all stink We all lead complex, demanding lives. On any given day, you can find dozens of reasons to skip a workout. Now that we are firmly into the new year, give yourself a fresh start by making sure fitness becomes an integral part…
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How to Get More Fruit in Your Diet for Proper Nutrition

[fb-like-button] A large national survey reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that only 33% of American adults are eating two or more servings of fruit or fruit juice a day. Diets rich in fruits are very important in helping to prevent a number of serious diseases, but Americans apparently prefer…
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How to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

[fb-like-button] Blood sugar (glucose) is the fuel for every single cell in your body. Stable blood sugar level helps prevent complications like diabetes, heart disease, memory problems and fertility problems. It is also key to feeling energized throughout the day as well as controlling hunger. Your blood sugar levels are linked to the type and…
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Low Glycemic Index Effective for Diabetics

[fb-like-button] The popular Low Glycemic Index Diet is certainly nothing new and is proven to work both as a weight loss plan and in controlling diabetes. An astounding number of Americans currently suffer from diabetes, a good majority of which experience symptoms due to improper weight management. This Lower GI Diet is especially helpful to…
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Nix Your Sugar Cravings

[fb-like-button] A large percentage of us can admit to sugar cravings. In fact, you may be hard pressed to identify someone who does not like the taste of sugar. Sugar can be detrimental to weight loss efforts, as the body stores excess sugar as fat. Experiencing sugar cravings does not mean that one is weak-willed…
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Sticking to Your Workouts- Motivation Tips

[fb-like-button] You know the cycle all too well. An important event comes up where you want to look your absolute best – it could be a beach vacation, wedding, high school reunion…And you do it – you stick to the diet, bust your ass in the gym, and get your body looking absolutely fabulous. For…
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Too Much Sugar-Weight Gain

[fb-like-button] Just about any food can be part of a healthy diet if taken in recommended amounts. Sugars are the simplest form of carbohydrate – which can be natural such as lactose (milk sugar) or fructose (fruit sugar) or can be refined such as sucrose (table sugar). All Starchy and sweet foods (even fruits) raise…
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Natural Appetite Suppressants to Curb Your Appetite: Stevia?

[fb-like-button] A natural appetite suppressant, or a food which works to keep your hunger away longer than normal (allowing you to diet with fewer calories), is one the foundations of any good weight loss program. We need every trick in the book to burn fat and get the body of our dreams and luckily there…
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Steviva Stevia the Sweeter and Safer Side of Life

[fb-like-button] Stevia is a small shrub in the chrysanthemum family native to portions of Northeastern Paraguay and adjacent sections of Brazil for over 1500 years used by the Guarani Natives, they called it ka'a he'e (sweet herbs), as a sweetener in yerba mate and medicinal teas for testing such conditions as obesity, high blood pressure, and…
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