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Category Archives: Diet Articles

Taking A Big Bite Out Of Weight Loss

smaller bites may lead to a smaller waist line The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who took large bites of food consumed 52 percent more calories in one sitting than those who took small bites and chewed longer. By cutting food into smaller pieces, you can increase satiety and enjoy your food…
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Skipping Meals Will Make You Fatter

getting skinny on six meals a day A 2011 national survey from the Calorie Control Council revealed, 17 percent of Americans admitted to skipping meals to lose weight. The problem is, skipping meals actually increases your odds of obesity, especially when it comes to breakfast. A study from the American Journal of Epidemiology found that…
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What is Gluten?

three associated conditions to be cautious of Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat and other grain products, with the exception of a few “gluten free grains” . Many people may be familiar with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder, which is associated with positive antibodies in the blood, intestinal villous atrophy as shown…
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Blood Sugar Balancing Act

four tips to cut the sugars In America alone, there is a shocking 87 percent of Americans who are in the age group of 40 and above and are at risk of diabetes. Most people do not know the seriousness and veracity of this dangerous condition. However, there are solutions to lessen your chances of…
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