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Seeds for Health


how do they help your hormones Did you known that both men and women have hormones that circulate throughout the month [1]  and can correlate with nature’s cycles, such as the moon? A woman’s 28 day menstrual cycle, often syncs with the 28 day moon cycle. What happens during the month for women is that […]

What Thermography Can Tell You About Your Body


how digital infrared imaging can help you make changes for the better Pictures are thought to say a thousand words, more often we think of them in regards to family and friends, but they are often used in health care settings. Most often these medically derived pictures are obtained by the use of imaging techniques […]



the cause and effect Candida is most commonly known to be associated with “yeast infections” in women, thrush when in a baby’s mouth, or athlete’s foot. Yet, it is a fungus that can cause many more conditions in the human body. It is part of our normal terrain, however, when it overgrows is when problems […]

Paula Deen Comes Clean About Diabetes

Food Network star Paula Deen opened up to ET’s Nancy O’Dell at her Savannah, Georgia home about keeping her controversially-revealed diabetes under control. “It’s probably around 30 pounds,” Deen says about the weight she’s lost, by making small changes like eating extra servings of salad and veggies and smaller portions of carbs, she says. She’s […]

Winning The Battle Against Stress

three powerful tools in stress management Stress is becoming a major problem in the U. S. and will likely get worse before (or if) it gets better. That’s the bad news. The really bad news, however, is that we don’t take stress seriously as a threat to our health. Mindfulness The first step in reducing […]

Your Weight Problem Could Be Caused By Insulin Resistance

You Must Increase Insulin Sensitivity Five Simple Steps in Combating Insulin Resistance Insulin resistance is a common problem that leads to health complications such as diabetes and heart disease. Here are some simple steps to take to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce your risk of health problems. Examine Your Eating Habits One of the best […]

Hormones and Health


three chemicals to avoid to cut your cancer risk Statistically speaking, cancer is the number two cause of death, just after heart disease. Do you know what contributes to cancer that is found in your body and environment? Our hormones, for both men and women. Women have a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of getting […]

Minding the Month


knowing the calendar of health awareness Did you know each month there is are usually not just one but several associations and organizations that try to educate the public on an array of health concerns? April is an awareness month for 13 health concerns, it also holds weekly awareness for another 3 health issues, and […]

The Balance in Your Body


finding the meaning of dis-ease Here is goes another health article, but this one isn’t a check list of do’s and don’ts to prevent something. This article is targeted at what to do, when you have done everything you could: you ate your protein and veggies, drank half your weight in water, breathed deeply, ate […]

Dodging Diabetes


three easy tips on keeping you from becoming a statistic 20 million Americans are living with Diabetes and over 40 million have pre-diabetes, thus making this disease almost like an epidemic. [1]  This disease is caused by high blood sugar levels. There are a few different types of diabetes, and it can come into someone’s […]

The Truth about Gluten

gluten free

separating the wheat from the chaff If you are already avoiding gluten then you have something in common with NFL quarterback Drew Brees and Cyclist Tom Danielson, a record-breaking member of the Garmin-Transitions team. Both have been gluten free for the past two years. Going gluten free has become big business. Sales of gluten-free products […]

How Paula Deen and Others Could Make a Difference

educating the public on diabetes and more Last weekend Steviva Brands and Trinity Hill Farms attended the American Diabetes, Diabetes Expo in Portland, Oregon. There were several cooking demonstrations and one in particular stuck me as interesting; that was the cooking demo by Bobby Deen, the son of Type II Diabetic and celebrity chef Paula […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder


three changes you can make to help fend off S.A.D. Do you feel sad? Perhaps you tell your friends your feeling “blue” back in the day, a perhaps common idiom. Since it is winter and the days have been shorter, with less sunlight, some can acquire or express this syndrome of depression like symptoms, seasonally. […]

Cut Your Cancer Risk


three changes you can make today to cut your risk This week the CDC came out with a report relinquishing statistics that the US population falls short with cancer screening. Much of the report is discussing women’s cancers such as cancer and breast, and colon cancer which affects men as well. To give you an […]

Living In Gratitude

being thankful to all that is for all that is Our lives can be such a treasure trove of rich and beautiful experiences if we just allow it into our lives. For some of us this process might not be completely clear considering circumstances that may surround us. This is where faith comes in; the […]

Immune Health


five ways to boost your immune system Your immune system is located through out your entire body, much of it is in your “gut” as a part of the GALT (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue). One could say that “the road to good health is paved to good intestines” as Naturopathic doctors often teach. Thus your […]

Closing One Door to Open Another

Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien Countless times we have all heard a friend or colleague say if only I had a new job or new partner, new house… infinitum. And thus the never ending conundrum of always wanting what believe we can not have. A wise sage once told me […]

A New Year and A Healthier You


important health screening you should be considering Today can be gleamed at as the first day of the rest of your life, the turn of the calendar and a new page and start for you! What story do you want to be written for yourself in 2012? Are  you making some healthy new years resolutions, […]

Out With The Old and In With The New

using the new year as a springboard for renewal 2011 was certainly a very intense year. It was filled with protest and strife for some of the world. For others maybe 2011 was a good year but, regardless of the quality of your year, in the next few days we bid a farewell to 2011 […]

In The Spirit of Giving


5 gifts of health Have you heard the saying “if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything?” Well, it is true! If you are too sick, you won’t be able to enjoy your free time, family, friends, or your finances. Americans are very giving, to their work, their family, philanthropy,etc, but there comes a […]

Basics for Back Health


4 tips to keep a strong spine You’ve may of heard this line before, but once again, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! This same philosophy is well applied when it comes to injury in the musculoskeletal system. Many back injuries occur on the job, and most often for health care […]

Quick and Easy Low Sugar Baked Apples

Baked Apple Recipe

Serves: 4 Serving Size: 1 baked apple Carbs Per Serving: 2.6 g Prep Time: Skill Level: Easy Ingredients: 4 large good baking apples, such as Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, or Jonagold (google cooking apple varieties) 1 teaspoon molasses 1/4 cup Fructevia, Steviva Blend or tiny dash Steviva Brands Pure Stevia Powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 […]

Going Nutty For Holiday Nuts

sustaining and high in omegas going nuts make sense There is nothing more satisfying than eating walnuts, pecans and almonds during the holidays. They are totally delicious. Nuts a great source of plant based protein which makes them ideal for vegans and omnivores alike. They are high in fiber, antioxidants and full of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated […]

The Connection with Cholesterol and Children


3 tips to keeping kids healthy What were once things that we thought to test in adults are now being passed on to children. It seems as though today’s kids are not only growing up too fast, but perhaps also growing too wide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 17 percent of […]

The Meaning of Doctor


6 Traits To Look For In Your Primary Care The word doctor originates from the Latin word, docere, which means “to teach”. Did you know that your doctor, should not only be teaching you about your body and how to achieve health as well as how to prevent? Ultimately, your health, is in your hands, […]

Do it Yourself Detox


5 Tips to Get Clean Detox, short for detoxification, is becoming a main stream term and way of life for many. Our environment is drastically different now then ever before with so many new chemical exposures, cars, electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), etc. The human body is naturally designed to always return to homeostasis, however, it can […]

Avoiding Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Cheri King

5 steps to eating for health I recently read a Review article that surveyed 594 studies relating diet to heart disease.   When all valid, quality research was lumped together, the authors could see what foods contributed to and what foods were protective against heart disease.  What they found was surprising.  Saturated fat, which has been […]

Using Fever to fight the flu

Dr. Cheri King

4 ways to support a fever Somewhere along the line, fever has become a dirty word.  People get a fever and do all sorts of things to suppress it as if it is a bad thing.  But fever is our body’s natural immune response that fights infection.  When we suppress it, we shackle our immune […]

Low Carb High Fats the Path to Weight Loss

Dr. Cheri King

4 ways eating low glycemic foods can keep you healthy A few weeks ago I showed a video to my nutrition class that was made by a Swedish physician who calls himself the Diet Doctor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSeSTq-N4U4. He advocates a low carb, high fat diet to treat diabetes and heart disease. After watching the video, we […]

Pediatrics and Prevention


4 tips to keep your kids healthy and happy Have you heard the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Prevention seems to be at its best in the pediatric population when habits and lifestyles are being formed. Children are also usually very eager to learn and be a helping […]

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