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The Pause That Refreshes

ten tips on giving yourself a time out There was a time when I worked for a Fortune 100 company in Los Angeles and before that Phoenix. This may come as a surprise to all those who know me and those I worked with but, part of my employment deal was one hour of undisturbed […]

Fructose – Good or Bad?

Dr. Cheri King

the case for fructevia Several months back my brother who is the President and CEO of Steviva Brands asked if I would endorse his product Fructevia, a natural sweetener that combines fruit sugar and stevia. Being my brother, I of course wanted to help him out. However, all of the press about the dangers of […]

Just Say No No to the Yo Yo

the latest wisdom in cutting the sugar out Light-headedness, difficulty concentrating and confusion can strike us all from time to time. But some individuals struggle with these issues on a regular basis, and it may be directly associated with their diet. Hypoglycemia occurs when there is too little sugar in our bloodstream. Our body will […]

The Case for Corporate Wellness

Dr. Cheri King

5 tips for improving health in the workplace This morning I attended a talk presented by the Denver Chamber of Commerce on Corporate wellness.   Colorado is considered the slimmest state in the Union with an obesity rate of 22% (7% in 1992!)  In the last 18 years, an additional 15% of Coloradoans have become obese…That’s […]

Fighting For The Friendly Flora In Your Body

5 ways probiotics rock internal your world No doubt you’ve seen the recent commercials for different products touting the benefits of good gut flora as product manufacturers capitalize on this new health craze. Bacteria have always been thought of as something to be wary of. What?? Now we are supposed to embrace eating bacteria to […]

Functional Blood Analysis


what is it and what it can do for you Functional Medicine is now like a coined term that references a type of medicine that addresses optimal health versus disease states. Part of functional medicine includes a doctor viewing blood work with this same lens, so to speak. That the doctor doesn’t just see that […]

Love Your Liver


5 do’s and don’ts on keeping a healthy liver The liver is a remarkable organ that can actually regenerate itself. It is important for many bodily processes, such as helping with metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from food. Your cholesterol is also mainly made in your liver, and only a small amount is actually […]

Flu Vaccine and Immune Health


5 tips that will boost your own defenses To get a shot or not, is the question here, kind of. The intent of this article is to give you some resources for your own research so that you can make an informed decision on how to keep the viruses at bay and away from your […]

Mind and Memory


5 tips to keep from losing your mind You’ve heard the saying; the mind is a terrible thing to waste. This is a slogan that originated as a marketing effort to help the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), and it definitely succeeded, now 40 years later, it has $1Billion dollars raised and 350,000 educated college […]

A Walk In The Sun for The Health of It

a long walk with bright sunshine can save your life The health of the public is being put at risk by recommendations to cover up and stay out of the sun. These recommendations, which are part of Cancer Research SunSmart program, increase the risk of several types of cancer, and may also increase deaths from […]

Are Your Condiments Killing You?

beware of the hidden sugars in secret sauces Common sense would dictate that a Big Mac with cheese with a side dish of Chicken McNuggets with Barbeque Sauce may lead to your untimely departure from the place we call… the world. Furthermore you might think that it is all the fat and meat (if that […]

The Butterfly Shield in Your Neck


things to know about your thyroid The thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine tissues in your body and its name stems from a Greek word meaning shield, to reflect its shape, similar to a butterfly as well. It sits just beneath your “Adam’s Apple” and can be felt when enlarged in some people […]

Health is in Your Hands and DNA is Not Your Destiny


5 habits for healthy aging Do you believe that if you don’t have your health, you can’t really appreciate the other things in your life? Our life expectancy has drastically changed. CDC statistics for 2009 reveal that the average man in America lives to be 75.7 years of age, and the woman 80.6. That …

Not All Supplements Are Created Equal


5 Tips to pick out the best Have you heard the saying, there is a pill for everything? Well, it seems to be somewhat true, whether it’s for a medical condition such as anemia or constipation, or for performance enhancement athletically. The purpose and definition of a supplement is “that completes or enhances something else […]

The Great Historians

story telling for modern times Long before streaming media, texting, the internet and even the printed word, history was passed forward using the spoken word. Communities of indigenous peoples would gather in a broad circle around a warm inviting fire while the tribal elders shared stories of conquest and heroism. …

Taking In the Breath of Life

how simply breathing can effect our energy A Buddhist teacher was instructing new monks on the importance of breath. After the instruction was over one young monk came to the instructor and said he was unable to find the importance of breath. The instructor dunked the young monks head in a tub of water for […]

What the H?

Two Hormones that Start with H and Are Making Headlines HCG and HGH what are they and why do people use them? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin may be familiar to females as this is what you test for to determine pregnancy either in urine or blood. It has also been used as a test for certain […]

Stress Effects On The Body

five tips to sail through tough times Stress is a part of life that we all have to deal with. At its’ best it can provide a little pressure that can be a motivating factor to get something done. Stress at its worst can wreak havoc of the body, affecting multiple …

Journaling Your Cycling Experiences

tracking your success How do people measure themselves? Well, we do it through our achievements. From the first time we nervously jumped off the diving board, to the number of hours you biked on your Trek bicycle last week. Since ‘seeing is believing’ is true for most people, a cycling journal makes …

Finding Others To Share Your Ride

partnering up for the perfect ride The crazy world-wide web provides lots of sources to find cyclists to ride with you. Many different sites have cycling groups, blogs and discussions where you can find others that share your passion for riding. One I found particularly useful has been There are thousands of groups at […]

The Heat is On

three easy steps on keeping hydrated Now more than ever during these hot summer days hydration is of utmost importance. A person can go with out food for sometime, however water is a must. Your body uses water to carry out a myriad of basic biochemical functions, and when it is lacking it will produce […]

Charting Your Course

planning the perfect ride There are many variables to consider when charting your cycling course. Some of these are: whether or not you are using a trail or taking one of your Trek bicycles on a road way, the condition of the trails or road, the weather, type of terrain, your abilities and …

Being Smart In The Summer Sun

The Natural Skin Protection Guide School is out, work still continues for most, and life routines maybe being shifted. The natural rhythm of summer is to slow down cerebrally and gear up physically, with some fun in the sun. This will be your short guide for sun protection suggestions, from a holistic perspective. We are […]

The How To of Cellulite Dismissal

5 proven steps in the battle of the bumpy butt Back by popular demand…the how to guide of banishing the bumps on your back side. These 5 steps are my highly recommended actions that get results Remember that the dimples didn’t appear nor will they disappear overnight. 8 weeks is a …


beauty is in the eye of the beholder Lumps and bumps in the world of beauty are like a bad word to be banned from our hips and thighs, especially when it is near beach and bathing suite season. Cellulite appears due to the combination of the fat, muscle, and connective tissue …

The Case for Coops

a sliver of light in the criminal enterprise called retail Our products are sold in hundreds of retail stores across the US and abroad. This is something we have worked very hard to achieve but, it hasn’t come without a very steep price. The sweetener market is a competitive one and …

Why have a sweepstakes when you can have a Sweetstakes?

Today we have launched our “Pedal Your Way to Wellness” Sweetstakes! This is part of a promotion we are having to promote our involvement with the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. Our good friends at Trek Bicycle have provided us with a Trek Madone 3.1 full carbon road bike. This thing weighs around 16lbs […]

Stevia, An Honest Review

Stevia is a no calorie sweetener that has been a well kept secret for decades, at least in the US. People that consume this product on a daily basis have stated emphatically, that if you try it, you will be impressed. Not only is this sweetener 400 times sweeter than sugar, it also reported to […]

Cooking With the Best- Steviva

Stevia is a herbal sweetener that comes from Paraguay. Because it has been used for thousands of years by Indians, this sweetener has a rich history and an even better reputation among most consumers and thousands of researchers. Being more than 300 times sweeter than regular sugar each recipe will vary. Additionally, each cook will […]

Some Good Shut Eye Can Prevent Weight Gain

It is a fact that Americans and people around the world are sleeping less than they did just a decade ago. In fact, the trend seems to be getting worse. While most of us know that sleep deprivation can rob us of concentration and make us cranky, most do not realize that it can actually […]

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