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Category Archives: Motivational

Festivities + Fun = Health + Happiness


three important ingredients in the formula of a quality life It is the time of year when we are gathering with friends and family for different festivities intended to be full of fun, however they sometimes lead us to stress simultaneously. Stress is different for each person, but for everyone it can wreak havoc on […]

Breezing Through The Holidays with a Positive Mental Attitude

ho ho how a positive mental attitude can affect your health and holiday Nothing else contributes as much to one’s sense of well being and health as a positive mental attitude especially during the holidays. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) can make a crucial difference to our lives. The difference between brooding over our problems […]

Steviva Brands Say that Support from family holds the key to beating the Holiday bulge.

Holidays are a time for family and friends, but also present the perfect opportunity to keep off the weight – says Steviva Brands President. Celebrating a holiday is always a special occasion. But for dieters – the coming together of family and friends can lead to weight gain, lack of motivation and overeating all of […]

Extend An Invitation To Share In Your Bounty

giving thanks for what we have by giving What started as a harvest festival within the original 13 colonies of the United States , Thanksgiving has morphed into a holiday to express gratitude and thanks for what we have and to share our table with friends and family. This has been a tough year for […]

The Six Degrees of Change

the process of making lasting change to your weight There are six distinct stages that individuals go through in the process of making a lifestyle change. These stages of change also apply to losing weight. Knowing that these stages exist and then being able to recognize them in your own life can help you stay […]

Share Your Table

reinventing the Sunday dinner Every time I visit my massage therapist, which is never often enough, I notice a lithograph she has on her wall. It says “Share Your Table”. While I have never asked exactly what it means, when she is kneading my sore muscles my mind wanders to what it means to me. […]

Bringing Enthusiasm To Life

enthuse yourself and enthuse those around you “If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale “The great accomplishments of man have resulted from the transmission of ideas of enthusiasm.” ~ Thomas J. Watson Enthusiasm first appeared in English in 1603 with the […]

Who Are You Right Now?

re-defining ourselves through self empowerment How do you define yourself? Do you define yourself as your work? If you are a lawyer do you cross examine your family? If you start defining yourself as your vocation, your behavior your role in your family you will become what you are labeling yourself. Perhaps when you make […]

Live Like There Is No Tomorrow

5 awesome tips on getting the most out of life It is no secret to those who know me; I am a big Foo Fighters fan. The other day I was listening to one of their song entitled These Days. . I found the lyrics to be quite poignant and it made me …

Take A Day To Make A Better You

self improvement is the catalyst for greater happiness and success Do you ever feel like you need a kick in the seat-of-the-pants? A push in the right direction? Perhaps you need a boost in morale or need some attitude adjustment. Try giving yourself a self-development day. Benefits of a self-development day You almost program yourself […]

Weathering a Crap Storm

how to maintain your cool in un-cool situations I gotta tell you, when it rains sometimes it pours but, the hallmark of the mature, fully functioning, self-actualized person is the ability to be cool, calm and collected when caught up in the inevitable crap storms daily life delivers. The grounded person has the ability to […]

Upgrading Your Bike and Equipment

easy improvements that can save your back side So you’ve gotten the cobwebs out of your biking legs and you are now seasoned enough to start investing in cycling! There are many upgrades you can do to your bike and equipment, depending on your goals, style of riding, and abilities. You …

The Universes Delays Are Not The Universes Denials

ten steps on setting goals while developing patience Have you ever wanted something so badly and it seemed that it was unobtainable or slow in coming to fruition? I think we all have. Sometimes during this process of longing it seems that it will never come true and eventually we slip into acceptance that it […]

Your First Race

congratulations you have made it! First and foremost I want to congratulate TEAM STEVIVA they braved the elements of blazing sun and blistering heat for the 100 mile Tour de Cure bike race! We are so proud of them! TEAM STEVIVA- Ann Wendland | …

Positivity in Your Body

five ways to be at your peak The fountain of youth has been found! It isn’t a magical elixir either. What is it then? The power of being positive or optimistic in your life can translates to a multitude of health benefits, from increased life span to decreased risk of cardiovascular …

In search of the authentic self

the pathway to eradicating shame and embracing life Inspiration comes to all of us in different fashions and at different times. Inspiration can come to us like a hammer on the thumb or a fragrance carried on a gentle summer breeze. Once it touches you it touches deeply and resonates into the tenderest places in […]

Why Cycling Helps You Meet Your Weight Goals

cycling is your logical low impact option Cycling is a prime example of the cardiovascular activity essential to losing weight. Whether you have a brand new Trek bicycle and plan to test yourself in the American Diabetes Tour de Cure, or you have a rusty old hand-me-down bike and hope to make it around the […]

Generosity and Blessings

giving your hope and approval I was listening to Jack Kornfield’s lecture on Generosity this morning. It is really beautiful and a great way to spend the morning. Hear it at What struck me is his intimation that giving ones blessing to another is an act of generosity. All religions from Judaism to Islam, […]

Get Started Finding The Right Bike

tips to get you started on the path to cycling So you’ve decided to start biking. Now what? Well, the first thing on your agenda should be figuring out which bike is “right” for you. The styles and options for bikes can be pretty overwhelming. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when […]

Giving it Hell

5 tips on picking yourself up and dusting yourself off There’s an old Irish proverb that I was taught at a young age after having my ass handed to me by a kid on the playground. “It’s is not what you’re going to do when your down on the ground but, what you going to […]

How Others Have Lost Weight and How You Can Too

the power of pedaling can pummel your pounds I admit it. I have two sets of clothes. Seriously, I do. I have my winter fat clothes and my summer skinny clothes. In the Pacific Northwest when the sun begins to show its warm face in late April but, in the case …

Why have a sweepstakes when you can have a Sweetstakes?

Today we have launched our “Pedal Your Way to Wellness” Sweetstakes! This is part of a promotion we are having to promote our involvement with the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure. Our good friends at Trek Bicycle have provided us with a Trek Madone 3.1 full carbon road bike. This thing weighs around 16lbs […]

His Name is Robert Maahs

the accidental zen master His name is Robert Maahs and he is going to be 92 years old on Monday. While this may not mean much to you, I am sure it means a lot to him and the world to me. Robert Maahs is my grandfather and one of the best men I know. […]

Here’s Your Chance of a Lifetime

an endless number of chances awaits you I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have tried just to fail. This applies to every part of my life; business, relationships, friendships and family. There have been times when I thought I hit the end of the road and I was out of […]

It’s Time To Face The Music

the healing and motivational qualities of music I have traveled abroad quite a bit and what I found is the common thread between all persons on this earth is music. Sheet music is the same here as it is in China, Russia Africa everywhere. Music is our common language. Music moves our souls. It can […]

Closing One Door to Open Another

Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien Countless times we have all heard a friend or colleague say if only I had a new job or new partner, new house… infinitum. And thus the never ending conundrum of always wanting what believe we can not have. A wise sage once told me […]

Silencing the Committee

10 tips on terminating negative internal dialog Let’s face it, we all battle the little voices in our head that second guess what we are doing or offer criticism for what we have done. I encountered a little bit of it myself yesterday. I decided to explore from where that little critical voice originated. English […]

Removing Obstructions, Allowing Our Light To Shine

When we don’t feel ourselves shining, we can tune inward to find the block that prevents us from shining our light. There are times when we may not feel at our best and brightest. At those times we can take a look at what we might do to let our inner light shine to the […]

No More Excuses… It is Time To Get Fit!

Excuses are like ********, everybody has got one and they all stink We all lead complex, demanding lives. On any given day, you can find dozens of reasons to skip a workout. Now that we are firmly into the new year, give yourself a fresh start by making sure fitness becomes an integral part of […]

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Creating a new frame of thinking for 2011 We are half way through he first month of the new year. What is in store for you? More of the same or are you planning to action and make a plan? Let me tell you… the best is yet to come. You can get everything you […]

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