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Category Archives: Motivational

Out with the Resolutions and in with a Promise

the one promise you must keep It seems that every New Year’s Eve I go through the routine of outlining my goals for the next year followed by a thorough and scrutinous review of the previous year’s goals and what I did and did not achieve. So much has happened in my world as well…
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Sleepless in this Season

three reasons why you can't snooze Insomnia refers to a prolonged time in which a person cannot get a sufficient amount of sleep. There are different types of insomnia; sleep onset which is the inability to fall asleep, or sleep maintenance which is the inability to stay asleep. Sleep is an imperative part of good…
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How Lives Are Changed

taking the first steps in a long journey My neighbor is a non-functioning alcoholic. In as much as any alcoholic is non-functioning he is at the end of the trail or shall I say cliff. His wife left him back in July. I was the one who gave them a ride to the airport, him,…
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A Pleasing Personality

three traits of optimal aging Of the many factors that make up our health and weather it is good or bad, our personality and outlook on life aren't often discussed. Discussed in "The Okinawa Program" personality is associated with longevity, which has been studied and shown that there are key characteristics that are linked to…
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