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Honoring the Cycle of Life

where one tree falls a seedling springs to life My little sister and her husband gave birth to their second child Lauryn yesterday afternoon. Mother and daughter are doing well and thriving. Last weekend I took my canine companion Dignan camping, something he used to love. I think he has become more of a bed…
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Low Glycemic Index- Go Low!

With no calories contained in stevia, it's already a winner in most diets. In fact, it's become a prime topic of discussion and research in the diabetes arena. Some researchers are hopeful that diabetics join the stevia bandwagon to promote a healthier way of life for more Americans. Reports indicate that this sweetener promotes insulin…
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The Importance of Self Esteem

In self improvement, we talk a lot about self esteem, the ability to stay calm, composed and confident when facing tough challenges. Basically, self esteem is the pillars that support your self improvement and development. So, if you view self improvement as a table, self esteem is the table's legs. They got to be strong…
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Facts About Exercising the Right Way

In order to gain maximum benefits from exercise it has to be aerobic, for at least 20 minutes duration, carried out on a regular basis, 3 - 5 days a week is best. To achieve this level and regularity it is best to try to incorporate exercise into your daily life - walk to work,…
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