Natural Appetite Suppressants to Curb Your Appetite: Stevia?

A natural appetite suppressant, or a food which works to keep your hunger away longer than normal (allowing you to diet with fewer calories), is one the foundations of any good weight loss program. We need every trick in the book to burn fat and get the body of our dreams and luckily there are a few foods that actually help us feel more full and less hungry each day!

Natural Appetite Suppressant

1. One extremely effective food that naturally suppresses appetite are nuts...specifically almonds.

Almonds are very dense in natural (healthy) fats, which your body needs to not only function properly, but to produce weight loss. They tend to also be nutrient-rich as well, including good fiber to allow your stomach to easy digest them.

You don't want to go crazy on them as of course as all things on a diet must be eaten in moderation. I recommend eating 10 to 15 normal size almonds between major meals while on a diet, say a couple hours before Lunch or Dinner. The total calories are low, and you'll find that you won't be starving once that next major meal comes...which means you'll eat less at Lunch or Dinner...which means you'll lose more weight quickly WITHOUT suffering!

2. Another natural appetite suppressant comes in the form of the common apple.

If you're allergic to nuts, or if you just don't like the taste, apples can serve two purposes in your diet in almost the same way that almonds do.

An apple contains natural non-refined sugars that your body has evolved to eat for thousands of years. Even cavemen and cavewomen were eating as many apples as they could get their hands on, and you should too! Part of the reason why they work so well is that they don't produce a spike in your body's insulin level. Insulin is a hormone that is produced when your body absorbs a sugar that is from a concentrated source, like a candy-bar.

The problem with insulin is that it has been proven to keep fat-burning from happening, even when you're on a reduced-calorie diet. Which is the reason why even if you're eating three Snickers candy-bars a day, which is say 900 total calories, you will NOT lose weight.

An apple on the other hand is a natural appetite suppressant due to its dual benefit of including fiber (which the body loves to burn calories processing) and water. By eating a single apple, slowly, a couple hours before dinner, you'll be surprised at how much less food you need at that meal.

However, for something that is known not to interfere with blood glucose levels, is low glycemic, and has been linked to suppressing appetite try Steviva a Stevia product that is safe, low calorie, low glycemic, carb free, and sweeter than sugar.

The truth is that everyone I know is sick of the latest diet programs, where you're either STARVING or trying to live through BRUTAL workouts. Instead...

 Try Steviva to cut calories, and to suppress your appetite!

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