Blood Sugar Balancing Act

four tips to cut the sugars

In America alone, there is a shocking 87 percent of Americans who are in the age group of 40 and above and are at risk of diabetes. Most people do not know the seriousness and veracity of this dangerous condition. However, there are solutions to lessen your chances of contracting diabetes and if you already have it bringing it into control.

Getting your blood sugar under control requires that you change your lifestyle. This does not necessarily mean that you will totally alter everything that you were used to doing. This just means that those that are unhealthy and harmful to your health should be changed. On the other hand, those that are safe and good for you can be maintained or kept. Here are some tips to getting blood sugar under control.

Eat the right foods
Studies show the fiber actually keeps and maintains insulin levels under control inside your body. In addition, you should avoid starchy and unrefined sugars. Instead, you should choose fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with lean proteins.

Exercise regularly
Commit to exercise two to three times a week at least. You do not have to exhaustively do exercise routines. Instead, you can exercise by just walking, running or doing light cardio routine. By doing this, you will be able to keep insulin levels in a normal level. Moreover, if you exercise regularly, you can strengthen your heart and keep your body in shape.

Have your blood sugar checked
This gives you an idea or a benchmark from which range you fall into. Once you know your blood sugar level, you will be able to control it better. Aside from the periodical blood sugar check, you can also do monthly check ups with your doctor. This will give a more accurate assessment of your general health.

Choose natural low carb sweeteners
There are products that offer a natural option from the artificial chemical based sweeteners. These alternative sweeteners are all natural, gluten free and allergen free. In fact, there are companies that have goals in bringing the finest quality diabetic safe, sugar free, GMO free and all natural products to consumers. Consider Steviva Brands Steviva Blend, and Fructevia Stevia Sweetener. They work very well for cooking and baking as well as pure stevia extract powder that is perfect in an hot or cold beverages. Recently Portland, Oregon based, Trinity Hill Farms released a line of artisan marinades, sauces, dressing, sauces and condiments which only natural ingredients, are sweetened with stevia and have only ten calories per serving. These sauces offer highly concentrated flavors and are completely different then the typical sugar free products.

If you take care and be aware of what you put in your body particularly sugar you will find over time it may help you get your blood sugar under control.

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