Breaking with the Thanksgiving Tradition

Giving your guests the knowhow on eating well

Thanksgiving is such an enriching holiday. It is a time for family, friends and guests to join together for a beautiful meal and give thanks for all that we have. In the spirit of giving we have an opportunity to share more than our table but, also our knowledge of good eating practices. This includes portion control, moderation and healthy choices specifically cutting out refined sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates.

It is hard to believe that when most Americans sit down for their Thanksgiving feast they will be consuming over 300 grams of sugars and up to 4000 calories. It's no wonder some people get depressed over the holiday, because you could put on 2lbs of pure fat in just one sitting. But, we have the power and the ability to change this holiday paradigm by making intelligent choices. Here are a few good tips to impact healthy change.

• Meals are very visual. You can change that visual perception and reduce portions by simply using smaller plates. By using smaller plates portions look larger while actually being smaller. Smaller portion equals less calories and less calories mean less fat.

• Hydrate! 75% of all hunger pangs can be attributed to being dehydrated. Make sure your guests water glasses are filled. To break things up add sliced cucumbers, a lemon squeeze or even a dash of stevia powder. Water can also have a thermogenic response which means it can elevate your metabolism a bit. You and your guests should drink up.

• Put time on your side. Rather than serve all the dishes at once, break them up into a series of courses with at least 10 minutes between. After consuming food it can take up to 10 minutes for your brain to get the message. By waiting between dishes you and your guests will feel fuller by consuming less food and have more time for conversation.

• Relish the tray. Start guests off with a relish tray of fresh vegetables such as red bell pepper, broccoli tops, carrots, radishes and more. Make a low sugar dip of sour cream, salt, pepper, garlic and onion power. You can even add a little cumin or curry to spice it up a bit. The more you and your guests snack on veggies the less likely you will be to have a second helping of pecan pie.

Above all enjoy this wonderful meal and the company of friends, family and other guests… maybe even some strangers in need.

Have a sensational week!

Thom King
[email protected]
Steviva Brands, Inc.


Leadership Is Rooted In Action Not Position

Max Steingart

All successful people became successful, because they gave some talent or ability in the service of others. You can contribute in some way to others, no matter how small your talent. You too, can become successful.

No one achieves success without being of service. Successful people don't use others, other people use the successful, for above all success is of service.

Everyone has to be someone to someone to be anyone. Service is the essence of success.

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