Making Your Own Diet Soda

no more chemical sweeteners, great refreshing taste

One of our good clients sent us the following question:

Thanks for your encouragement - your newsletter is terrific. I hate to impose on your time but I hope you might be able to help me out with some information.

The one thing I really miss is a nice cold soda and I absolutely hate the taste of the diet sodas with artificial sweetener in them. I have read in several places that in Japan and some other oriental countries, they use stevia instead of the junk to manufacture diet soda. Do you know of any place that I could order some of this oriental made diet soda or anywhere that could help me find someone who carries it.

Here's an idea:

Stevia is not approved by the FDA as a sweetener. At this time it is only approved as a dietary supplement. Therefore products containing stevia as a "sweetener" like diet soda can not be imported or sold in the United States.

However... I have a solution for you. Make your own. I suggest getting plain soda water adding unsweetened Kool Aid or something similar and then a dash of stevia. It may get a little foamy at first but it makes a great diet soda substitute.

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Thom King


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