Stevia Sweetening Your Holiday Recipes Naturally

The Holiday's are a time of celebration with friends, family, and acquaintances. They typically are a time people look forward to, however in the same retrospect, the holidays are circumvented around certain traditions. These traditions consist of  mainly foods that are consumed so anxiously that you regret you ate them when you cannot fit in your clothes come New Year. Hence, the whole reason to prepare your holiday meals with health and weight-loss or maintenance benefits in mind, in order to escape the dreaded diet resolution come January 1st.

Some tips for sweetening our holiday recipes naturally with Stevia:

  1. Sweetness convert- Stevia is far sweeter than pure sugar and artificial sweeteners so you may want to check a conversion chart for the specific brand of stevia extrc you are using.  In addition, it may take some experimentation to get the recipes perfected to the sweeteness you desire as personal preference may vary from person to person and from recipe to recipe.
  2. Try steviva cookbooks and recipes- There is a plethora of resources for stevia and Steviva sugar substitutes. There are man recipes on the site, in newsletters, and in cookbooks you can purchase. Broaden your horizons with cooking with Steviva, and use these viable recipes to gain the experience to make your "secret" recipes healthier.
  3. Try Stevia in your favorite holiday beverages-  Ornate beverages can contain hidden calories that can creep up on your butt, thighs, and belly. To curb this caloric intake you should substitute sugar with Steviva in your beverages such as hot cider, hot chocolate, favorite flavored teas, coffees and frothy cappucinos, and more.
  4. Steviva gravies, sauces, and condiments- Canned and processed condiments, sauces, and gravies contain sugars that can crash your diet wthout you even knowing so. Try concocting your own with stevia and cut excess sugar calories without compromising taste.

Most holiday recipes call for a vast amount of sugar, and well we all know that sugar is the culprit of obesity, disease, and weight gain. Why not simplify your life, promote better health, and revent weight gain by substituting  a safe zero calorie natural sweetener that is up to 300 times more sweeter than table sugar. Use stevia in your holiday recipes to naturally sweeten your favorite  food traditions, and ward off that excess weight gain without sacrificing the yummy taste and delicious treats that your stomach cherishes

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