Thinking and Inking Yuletide Eating Habits

a simple method in modifying holiday eating behavior

Are you thinking about eating that piece of fudge? The simple act of writing it down will help you think twice before acting, something that may be especially helpful this time of year. Now's the perfect time to find a pen and pad and start logging your food and drink. The process both increases your awareness of what you're eating and causes a delay between impulse and action. This combination often helps you to eat less. It also helps to write down why you want to eat. Most of us don't make the connection between how we are feeling and why we are eating. When you determine what feelings trigger you to eat, and begin to understand why you are eating, you can find substitute behaviors.

You may find it helpful to log all your food and drink. Or, if you only have a problem with eating during a certain time period -- such as while you're at work -- you may choose to log only during that time. Once you've decided when to log, mark your calendar for a set number of days to keep your log. For example, you might want to log through January. You can use if you choose to keep track of calories, fats and carbs. Also be sure to make note when you decide NOT to eat or drink something! You'll soon realize how much you were eating unconsciously, and why. And you'll soon find that logging what you eat and drink is one of the most powerful tools available to help you avoid the holiday bulge.

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