Why Use Steviva? Stepping it up with Stevia

Stevia is created from plant. More and more people are going back to more products that originate from natural (or organic) products. This sweetener originates from a natural plant in South America. It is sold in liquid, powder and leaf form. The leaf form allows you to grind the plant done into fine parcels. The liquid and powder form are sold in the vitamin and nutrient section of most health food stores. However, be mindful that these are all concentrated forms of the stevia plant knowing how to convert stevia to regular sugar amounts may take a little research to ensure that you get the measurements correct.

Stevia promoters genuinely believe that the Food and Drug Administration limited the use of this product due to extensive pressure and financial threats of retaliation by the sugar industry. Although there is not sound proof of the aforementioned, the average consumer does know and realize that politics plays a major role in almost everything we consume in today’s society. So that’s why you won’t find it next to any other popular sweeteners until another FDA test is performed and pass.

Stevia also has several health benefits that could improve a healthier lifestyle. With test indicating that it may improve insulin production, promote blood pressure regulation, decrease dental cavities and has no calories, stevia seems like and obvious product to have in your cabinet. This product is a great sweetner option for diabetics because it is does not have and glycemic index number. This means, the body does not have to break this down as a carbohydrate; which promotes stable glucose levels. Moreover, stevia has been tested in diabetic mice and it has shown a increase in the production of insulin from the pancreas of the tested mice. Fortunately, this is great news for diabetics. If a product can cause more insulin production, perhaps diabetes can be a disease that we can cure one day.

Daring to use steviva is stepping up and using a product that is readily available. You must research and know where and how to use this product because it isn’t advertised as a sweetener that is readily used. Knowing what forms you can purchase it in, the prices and how to use it in your favorite dishes will help you become familiar with the benefits of this product, before begin consumption. Stevia is popular in other countries isn’t it time for you to step up and use steviva too.

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