Breast Cancer Prevention Month

three actions to go beyond awareness

Dr_Alisha_MoadabIt's that time of year where we get out the pink as a way to bring awareness, but more importantly, prevention of breast cancer. One in eight women are diagnosed each year, and if caught early, have good outcomes of going into remission. Nationally, October is known for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. People are now mostly aware, but do they know how to prevent? Prevention still triumphs to be the best medicine! Here are three things that are not your normal prevention tips, (like keep a healthy weight, eat fruits and vegetables, don't use tobacco, limit your alcohol, and exercise)

1. Nourish Yourself!  Caregivers sadly are often the people who sacrifice to help others, however, there is a point, in which it hurts themselves. Be sure that you nourish yourself, by putting time in your daily or weekly schedule that is your “ me time”. Time that you do whatever brings your heart joy. This could be taking a relaxing bath, going into nature, taking a nap, reading for pleasure, etc. Recall when you are on an airplane, when the flight attendants are going over what to do if cabin pressure changes, you are to pull down and put on the oxygen mask. If you are next to one that needs help though, do you help them first, or yourself? The correct answer is yourself, if you are not your best you are useless to those around you.

2. Go Green to Clean! Cleaning products are notorious for being full of harmful chemicals, some known and others not. These toxins disrupt our hormones and can contribute to cancer. In 2010 Journal of Environmental Health, a study showed that women who used air freshener products, and mold/mildew cleaners that contained bleach had a drastically increased risk of breast cancer. Women who used the most amount of cleaning products were twice as likely to get the diagnosis. Going green to clean means buying and/or making your own non-toxic ingredients, think about vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc as some of the basis for these do it yourself cleaners. To make a DIY home cleaning kit, check out Care2's How To .

3. Blow Out the Candles! Did you know most candles can be made with lead wicks and are a big source of polluting indoor air? Further the wax for most major candle makers is made from paraffin which releases toxins like benzene and toluene when burned. If you are a candle lover, don't worry, there is still hope, choosing a candle made from beeswax or soy are the healthiest options. For fresher air, try putting a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser.

Be bold and take action steps to prevent breast cancer, while this things may not come easy, it is easier than dealing with a diagnosis that could be fatal. These words are not to scare you, but put into perspective of how a few more minutes or hours today and tomorrow, can add years to your life. Wear pink and correct people when they say “breast cancer awareness”, say we want to prevent!

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