Cooking With the Best- Steviva

Stevia is a herbal sweetener that comes from Paraguay. Because it has been used for thousands of years by Indians, this sweetener has a rich history and an even better reputation among most consumers and thousands of researchers. Being more than 300 times sweeter than regular sugar each recipe will vary. Additionally, each cook will have to use their experience to ascertain which form of stevia is the best fit for the recipe of their choice. As long as you know that, when using stevia, you are cooking with the best, your dishes will turn out fine.

Stevia is not an aspartame, or substitute sugar sweetener. This means it will remain stable in cooking and cooling temperatures. So you can create your favorite drink or stir things up with stevia in your favorite dessert, without worrying about altering the flavor. Actually, there are even smoothies that can be created with this sweetener. Avid stevia users are constantly conversing about and posting recipes on various websites. Using these websites and collecting a variety of recipes will educate you; as well as, teach you how to use stevia while stirring things up.

Recipes like apple crisp and holiday favorites like red velvet cake have been created using stevia. Because this sweetener is used in a various forms, the individual cooking these desserts will have to use the outline of recipes provided. However, it will take trial and error to make sure it's seasoned to your desire.

Stevia powder extract is often the best and mostly commonly used in recipes with stevia. And because this sweetener is over 200 times sweeter than regular sugar, watching your conversion is paramount. One teaspoon of this extract powder is very close to one cup of regular sugar. Stevia liquid extra is also available. However, it is rarely used in recipes because most extracts use an alcohol base. Creators of stevia recipes try to incorporate stevia in its most natural form.

Cooking with the stevia, is cooking with the best. Although it's a lot sweeter than white sugar, it has no calories and will sharpen your cooking talents the more you use it. You will be able to make recipes varying from full dessert dishes to a daily smoothie. Once you research and view the various recipes you will learn how to convert and flavor all of your dishes to your liking. Again, remember to be careful because when you are cooking with stevia, you are cooking with the best.







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