Paula Deen Comes Clean About Diabetes

Food Network star Paula Deen opened up to ET's Nancy O'Dell at her Savannah, Georgia home about keeping her controversially-revealed diabetes under control.

"It's probably around 30 pounds," Deen says about the weight she's lost, by making small changes like eating extra servings of salad and veggies and smaller portions of carbs, she says. She's also been trying to walk 30 minutes a day.

Her sugar levels are good, ET reports, but her indulgent, comfort-food recipes aren't off limits. "I'm a Southern girl, and that's who I am, that's what I know," she says, although admits she can't eat them as often as she might like to. "I is what I is," she says.

Watch the video above for some dramatic before and after shots of Deen and to hear what she has to say about the reaction to her taking her diagnosis public.

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