Taming The Little Devil of Overindulgence

There was a time when I told myself I would not eat another bite of sugar. But as soon as that message slipped from my conscious to my subconscious, I was doomed.

Often when someone, even ourselves, tells us we can't do something, it sets off a trigger in our brains causing us to rebel. If a friend or in my case a family member suggests we shouldn't eat a certain type of food, we may find ourselves eating it to spite them. I call this rebellious reaction my "inner teen."

You can tame your inner teen by ridding your thoughts of this all-or-nothing attitude. Instead, honor yourself by allowing yourself to make a choice.

When tempted to eat something, ask yourself, "I can eat it, but do I really want to? Must I have it? How will I handle the extra calories if I do?"

If someone tells you not to eat a certain food, simply inform them that all foods fit into a healthy diet in moderation. You'll find what works best for you, but don't deny yourself foods -- limit them.

You shouldn’t consider this a green light to overindulge. Think of this as an approach that lets your subconscious know that you can indulge occasionally if you choose. And it allows your conscious mind to say thank you, I think I'll have that another day.

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