The How To of Cellulite Dismissal

5 proven steps in the battle of the bumpy butt

Back by popular demand…the how to guide of banishing the bumps on your back side. These 5 steps are my highly recommended actions that get results Remember that the dimples didn't appear nor will they disappear overnight. 8 weeks is a good projected amount of time for a treatment plan, although results may come sooner. To start take body measurements, and if possible get a body composition analysis at your local fitness center, also take “before” photos. It is good to gather this data to determine if your results are really making a difference, because as your body changes, your eyes may no longer recall with accuracy what your starting point was. Remember the name of the game in life is consistency, so stick with the program!

  1. Daily duty: Dry skin brushing: take a bristled brush, comb, are even your fingers and starting near your feet in small 1-2 inch strokes that feel like a feather, continue this motion up your body, focusing on the areas with cellulite, include arms. What this does is help move your lymphatic system which is like our internal sewer system. Take out your fat and toxins by doing this simple 30 second step each day prior to your shower. Also end your shower in cool, to help improve circulation. Cost: Free
  2. Topical treatment: Body Contour and Xcellerator by Chae Organics applied 2x/day (a.m.& p.m.) to affected areas & massaged into skin to help break up fat. Consider using coffee grounds in shower to rub into areas as well. Cost: $69
  3. At home treatment: Galvanic Spa with Body Shaping gel: this machine drives using positive current, so that the gel can penetrate deeper. A couple of the ingredients are theobromine (theobroma cacao extract) which as a molecule shown to target a certain enzyme in fat cells, in vitro. Targeting this enzyme may help activate fat breakdown.Golden chamomile (chrysanthellum indicum extract) may help inhibit the storage of fat. (This hand held machine has an added bonus of working on the face as well, and makes your other topical products 70% more absorbable through the skin) Results can be seen in 5 minutes, great for loose skin arms (nicely referred to as angel wings from the devil)! Order online click the tab “Nu Skin” to view options, machine and gel sold separately. Cost: $325 for spa only or $375 with one month facial gels, $42 Body Shaping Gel
  4. Professional treatment: Consider seeking help if your case is moderate to severe. Cost: $800-1200+
  5. Exercise: Muscle burns fat and thus will be your best asset, just think you need to kick some butt, to kick the cellulite off your butt! Lunges, squats, and high kicks will lead you down the path of success. The best was saved for last, and this will help you in countless ways for your mind, body, and spirit! Cost: Free outside/inside your home! Membership prices vary.

In Good Health & Beauty,
Dr. Alisha Moadab, N.D.
Soleil Medical Spa
Dr. Alisha N.D.

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