The Most Potent Anti-Oxidant

three ways to get more of it
by Dr. Alisha Moadab, N.D.

Dr_Alisha_MoadabDid you know that every cell in your body has a very powerful antioxidant that works to detox the body and boost the immune system? While this is made in your body, chronic disease, infection, cancer and other ailments will decrease your levels of glutathione. This potent antioxidant works all throughout your body and in your liver to help rid toxins. Glutathione can also be used in the treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, and cancer by making the chemotherapy more effective as shown in a study with ovarian cancer.

The building blocks of glutathione include three amino acids; cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. However, many other nutrients can aid in the bodies ability to manufacture it, such as Vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, whey protein, B6, and selenium. There are food sources that provide a good source of glutathione, such as fresh and frozen vegetables, especially asparagus, avocado and walnuts, as well as fruit, meat, and fish.

Your body needs antioxidant power to combat all the free radical damage that we are now combated with, some of it just being a natural by-product of daily living, and others being diet/lifestyle, or disease induced. Glutathione is available in oral supplementation form, yet research doesn't support its effectiveness at raising the blood levels.Therefore, the other options include:

1. Eat More of the Blocks: Recall that we make glutathione in our body, if we have the correct ingredients. A diet that consists of a lean and green should provide a good source of what you need. Salmon and asparagus anyone?

2. Supplement with Co-factors: Taking a few other nutritional products can create more of the building blocks, such has Vitamin C, B6 and selenium, as well as alpha lipoic acid. Your body will use this to make the initial steps for making more glutathione.

3. Intravenously: The superior method of delivery of anything, going right for the blood stream provides your body with instant access to the new ingredient, as well as it bypasses absorption in the gut, which often is an issue for people. There is some research showing that in animal studies, oral dosing was not absorbed in humans. Glutathione can be mixed with saline and put into the vein with saline and can take up to 10 minutes.

Whichever method is right for you, make or take more Glutathione for optimal health, as The Happy Pooch said.

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