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Los Angeles based Steviva Brands, Inc. believes they have the solution to the Afghani drug trade...


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Steviva - Stevia Knowledge Base

If you have a specific question regarding stevia, Steviva Brands or Steviva Blend please email us at info@steviva.com. The answer to your question will be posted to the Knowledge Base below.

Is Steviva available in stores?
Currently Steviva is available only in a few stores. In the near future it will be through out the US. Join our Steviva list on the Internet for store locations and dates.

Is Steviva going to be sold in single serving packets?
There are other companies selling single serving packets. However, they are using Maltodextrin to prevent caking as well as reducing the concentration. We are currently working with a company that will package Steviva in a very small single serving packet without any additives thus reducing package size and waste of paper.

Is Steviva available in a liquid form?
If you would like Steviva in a liquid form, simply mix one part Steviva with four parts water in a small bottle and refrigerate. This way you can save yourself a bundle over what other companies charge for their liquid.

Does Steviva have an aftertaste?
If used in excessive amounts Stevioside has been found to produce a slight licorice taste. If used in moderation you may find that Steviva produces no aftertaste whatsoever.

Can I cook with Steviva?
There have been several cookbooks written about cooking with Stevia. You can find many of them by clicking here.Steviva can resist heat up to 377° f. There have been several recipes floating around the internet that we have heard very good things about. The best thing to do is find out through trial and error and email us the results so we can pass them along to others who have made this a frequently asked question. If you are interested in baking... we strongly suggest you use the Steviva Blend. It is all natural and has the same sweetness and texture as sugar but without the carbs and the calories.

Are there any known side effects to using Stevia products?
The Japanese during their evaluation of Stevia as a possible sweetening agent performed elaborate safety tests. Few substances have ever yielded such consistently negative results in toxicity trials as have Stevia. Almost every toxicity test imaginable has been performed on Stevioside at one time or another. The results are always negative.

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