Premium Natural "Tea Cut" Stevia Leaves

Now enjoy the sweet and healthy benefits of stevia in your teacup. Pure, high quality whole leaf stevia, cut and sifted.

A shrub native to Paraguay, used for over 1500 years by the native Guarani Indians. A herb with an abundance of positive effects. The whole leaf contains numerous phytonutrients and trace minerals and is much sweeter than sugar with out negative effects. It can sweeten any drink with no calories, no carbohydrates, no tooth decay and is diabetic safe. Stevia nourishes the pancreas and does not raise blood glucose levels, making it not only safe for diabetics but also beneficial. Since there are no calories or carbohydrates, stevia is an excellent weight loss aid. It does not contains the negative side effects reported with the use of artificial sweeteners including aspartame. Adding stevia to your diet on a regular basis, it has also been reported that it can help minimize hunger sensations, cravings for sweets or fatty foods, aide in digestion, decrease hypertension without effecting normal blood pressure, stabilize blood glucose levels, shorten recovery time from cold and flu and aide in addictions to tobacco and alcohol.

Originally found growing wild in the highlands of Paraguay, is the sweetest substance on earth. Known to the natives as Khaa Jee but more commonly referred to as stevia (Stevia rebaudiana).

Since pre-Columbian times the indigenous natives have collected stevia from the rainforests to use as a sweetener, to treat diabetes, hypertension, and to keep skin looking young. In the 16th century the Spaniards noted this mysterious plant, but it wasn't until 1889 that the first studies were done by Botanist Moises Santigo Bertoni. He “discovered” stevia after seeing its use by Guarani natives, and his studies showed that Stevia is 200-400 times sweeter than sugar without the effects.

In the early 1900's stevia was being widely used throughout Paraguay, and had earned the attention of other countries. By 1941 it was being grown in Britain as a sweetener to combat the shortages brought on by the Second World War. In the mid 1950's Japan started growing stevia and by the 1970's , after extensive studies, they began marketing it as an alternative to aspartame. Today, health conscious Japan is one of the worlds largest users of stevia. It is used in gum, diet soda and in a large multitude of other products.

Studies now show that stevia's benefits include: pancreas nourishment, blood sugar regulation, stabilization of high blood pressure, digestive aid, prevention of tooth and gum decay, suppression of cravings, safe for diabetics and as a great weight loss aid.

After extensive research, stevia has been safely used for over 30 years in Japan, where aspartame has been banned. Japanese manufacturers use stevia in cola, pickling, gum, ice cream and a wide variety of other foods. Other countries around the world have also been using stevia as a sugar substitute in food manufacturing. Stevia may be used in cooking and baking as a natural sweetener, children may enjoy dessert recipes without risk of weight gain, tooth decay or hyperactivity.