3 tip on getting addictive behavior under control

Dr_Alisha_MoadabLast week many mourned the lost of a superstar, this is seemingly a common tragedy. Addiction seems to be somewhat of a plague in America. Both men and women have struggles with various addictions, from food or sugar to sex or money, or drugs and alcohol. Many use their substance of choice as a means of covering of up some sort of pain, in hopes to make themselves feel better. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter which is a substance made in the brain that is the reward and pleasure center [1] , is often associated with various addictions, in attempts to bring low levels of it higher. This way of dealing with the pain produces perhaps a temporary relief but a price that can be disastrous. Here are a four tips to keeping you happy and pain free, naturally.

1. Deal with physical pain: For many their addiction may start because of some injury in which they were prescribed a pharmaceutical pain relief, and then it can be misused and abused. Similarly, one can have a diagnosis such as fibromyalgia, or neck pain. There are many different ways of helping you get relief aside from a pill. [2]  Try to find a physician who will also guide you with other modalities. One emerging therapy is CVAC that is a capsule that one sits in and is exposed to changes in air, temperature and pressure, which provides pain relief and athletic conditioning. Other considerations include acupuncture, breath work, I.V. therapy, and more.

2. Deal with emotional pain: Many people hold onto to past traumas that keep causing pain in the present. Emotional Freedom Technique is one of a few therapies that can create a sense of relief in minutes. Other modalities include amino acid therapy as a means to raise your neurotransmitters using the basic nutritional building blocks to make serotonin and dopamine to make your emotions more pleasant. Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure , writes about ways people can use natural alternatives to anti-depressants.

3. Be Proactive v.s Reactive: Have you heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It seems to apply to so much, catch the snowball of addiction before it becomes larger than life. For example if you get on the scale and you are up 10 pounds, do something now about it, don't wait, or else that 10 will become 20 or 30 and so forth. Likewise with other possible addictions try to be an observer of yourself, and take note of your actions, and see where those will lead you when compounded. Ask for help to get control over the situation.

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