Living In Gratitude

being thankful to all that is for all that is

Our lives can be such a treasure trove of rich and beautiful experiences if we just allow it into our lives. For some of us this process might not be completely clear considering circumstances that may surround us. This is where faith comes in; the faith and belief and more importantly patience that something better lies just around the corner awaiting our discovery. There is a great proverb that reads, “the darkest hour is just before dawn”. Dawn has occurred for millions of years. And barring a few solar flares that mess up our cell phones and TV reception, the sun will rise daily brining us the life sustaining rays of light that wash away the darkness and help us thrive.

It has been said that “whatever we are grateful for the universe with provide us with more”. In the crazy world of non-stop text messages, Facebook, phone calls, emails and basic over stimulation it is easy for us to lose sight of just how fortunate we all are. Here are a few tips on keeping our lives in perspective and being thankful every day for what we have and who we are.

See life as a gift: There is an old Buddhist adage that says that life is as rare as throwing a ring into the ocean and having it land around a turtle's neck. To bring “you” into the world took the stars to align and all things coming together as once. It was not by chance. It was more by design. You have been given the gift of life. While a lifetime seems like, well… a lifetime, it passes so quickly; in a blink of an eye they say. Recognize this. Welcome it in and celebrate it. You have been given the greatest gift of all – life.

Get into the now: A person once told me that this very moment is a gift and that is why they call it a present. Having two feet firmly grounded in the present allows you to take in the rich experience that life is. If you have one foot in the past and one in the future it is not hard to see what is going on with your present. Keep your head in the right now. Sure… write down your goals and reflect fondly on your past but, live right here right now and you will see the world blossom before your eyes.

Celebrate the good: Nothing or nobody is all good and all bad. There are always shades of grey and goodness in all things. Learn to recognize the good and let go and forgive the bad. Acknowledging success, accomplishment and all things good makes life an easy celebration. Focus on the good and make a party of it. By doing so is your act of gratitude and thanks for what has been gifted to you.

Cut yourself a break: Not everything will turn out your way. Something you may experience an unwelcome outcome that you didn't expect. This happens to everybody. There is nobody to blame particularly you. We learn from our mistakes and grow from our failures. The other day my daughter was being particularly hard on herself for making a mistake. It broke my heart but, I explained to her that making a mistake is the most powerful way for us to learn. If you are not failing and making mistakes you are not trying. Failure shows us we put forth effort. Give yourself a break. Figure out another way to do it and march on little soldier.

Pay it forward: In this world of over stimulation it is easy to leave grace on the sidelines. The words thank you and please have seemed to vanished somewhere into cyberspace. Acknowledge the people that have helped you get to where you are. Thank them and then pay it forward to somebody in your world who looks like they need a helping hand of some words of encouragement.

In closing, I feel gratitude and thanks for you. Yes you. Without “you” there would be nobody to read these words I write each week and nobody buying our products. You… and you know who I'm talking to; have helped us build this business and allowed me to carry on. For this you have all my gratitude and thanks.

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