how's your life love?

It has been said by several wise men and sages particularly of which is Wayne Dyer, that a human life is simply the sum of all of our experiences and choices. Good, bad, happy or sad our lives are filled with rich vibrant experiences that make us… well, us. How you chose to perceive these experiences is what determines if we interpret our life as a gift of a curse.

Yesterday morning I gave one of my neighbors and her dog a ride to the airport. She was leaving her husband because of his horrible alcoholism. For her it is a bitter sweet new beginning for him a tragic end. As they waited curbside for me to pick them up I suddenly found myself moved by the realization that he had chosen his mistress, addiction, over his family, friends, wife and life. It is a powerful hold she has over him.

This moment was one of my life's rich experiences and made me take pause, learn and be thankful for the choices I have made. Every day is different. Every moment gives us an opportunity to start a new, to forgive, to let go, to move on, to love life. Buddhist monks say that life is as rare as tossing a ring into the sea and having land around a turtle's neck. Embracing life's preciousness helps us see what an amazing gift it is to have our human experiences. A rainy day for some might seem gloomy but, for others it may be perceived as a nourishing benign mist that keeps the plants green and the air clean and sweet. Everything is fluid and very temporary, life doesn't last forever and neither do situations. Developing the skill of reframing our experiences into just what they are, a long list of experiences both good and bad that make up our journey, helps us see the big picture. It is for you to determine whether this picture constitutes a good life. But, considering all life is precious and good, great in fact, if you ponder it for a while you just may see life's true elegance and grace begin to unfold.

As for the man who lost his wife, recovery is a long and winding road. But, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step or in this case twelve steps.

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