Why Cycling Helps You Meet Your Weight Goals

cycling is your logical low impact option

Cycling is a prime example of the cardiovascular activity essential to losing weight. Whether you have a brand new Trek bicycle and plan to test yourself in the American Diabetes Tour de Cure, or you have a rusty old hand-me-down bike and hope to make it around the block. Either way, cycling is an excellent way for you to get fit, build muscle, burn calories, and lose weight. Here are a few reasons why:

Stick-To-Factor - The 'stick-to-factor' is the ability to stick with a fitness activity. Cycling has an amazing 'stick-to-factor.' It's really hard to make an excuse not to go biking. If it's raining out, you can ride a stationary bike. If you are really tired, you can go shorter and with less intensity. Finally, you can change your route whenever you like, bikes can go just about anywhere. So there is zero chance of your getting bored. By sticking with cycling you are going to lose weight...period!

Logical - Logic says that if you exert more energy consistently, you will lose weight. By adding cycling to your daily routine, you are using more energy than you normally would. If you'd like to build muscle while you're burning extra calories, you can simply increase your resistance. Your body sacrifices the extra fat to fuel your increased energy requirements. The more you bike, the more fat you lose.

Versatile - Cycling is one of the most versatile cardio activities you can do. There are so many different types of cycling, that you are always able to challenge yourself.

You can start with a stationary bike and then move to a mountain bike for regular riding. Then, how about checking out a few specialty bikes and introducing yourself to some racing? If you're really adventurous, why not try some extreme mountain biking? These bikers get geared up from head to toe in protective equipment and bomb it down steep trails from the tops of mountains! Talk about crazy...fun crazy though.

Bottom line, cycling helps you build muscle, burn calories, and lose weight. It's pretty simple. Get a bike and commit to cycling. You'll feel great and lose weight. Guaranteed!

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