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Nutrition Industry Executive Magazine
June 2013 Issue

  • Quotes are prominently featured (including a pullout quote) in the Production Line article, “It’s a (Naturally) Flavorful World,” see pages 40 & 41.
  • The Chocolate Milk announcement is featured on page 13.

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Beverage Industry

June 4, 2013
“The Sweetest Thing”
Fructevia offers a mouthfeel and flavor profile indentical to sugar with a fraction of the calories.... featured in the June issue of Beverage Industry.

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

Why Today’s Sweetener ‘Rush’?
May 2013

Ingredients article entitled "Why Today’s Sweetener ‘Rush’?" regarding sweeteners in which Steviva Syrup is featured.

A stevia-based syrup blend, developed by Steviva Brands Inc., Portland, Ore. (, is designed to replace high fructose corn syrup in beverages. The liquid sweetener consists of a proprietary combination of extracts, natural flavors, and thickeners, which is said to lend a mouthfeel identical to HFCS and a sweet flavor profile that has no aftertaste.

Steviva Blend Syrup is made with stevia, which is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sucrose, making its caloric contribution to beverages negligible. Its sweetness comes from two primary steviol glycosides within the leaves of the South American plant, Stevia rebaudiana. The levels of these, as well as the 100 or more chemical components also present, determine the flavor profile. While HFCS has 4 cal and zero fiber per gram, this product yields 30 cal and 6 g fiber per 100 g....

Food Business News - Dairy Business News
Flavored milks: Sweetness without the sugar
May 21, 2013

Few Food and Drug Administration petitions have sparked as much controversy as the current consideration to change the standard identity for fluid milk to include approved zero-caloric sweeteners as an option in sweetened products. The current standard requires processors to usc special labeling such as Chocolate Milk on our schools...Using a natural, no-calorie sweetener, such as one extracted from the stevia plant leaf,should appeal to both labelreading parents and the picky.

All-natural, GMO-Free Sweetener: A Solution to the Chocolate Milk Debate

PORTLAND, Oregon — In response to the growing discussions surrounding chocolate milk and childhood nutrition, Steviva Brands, Inc. has developed flavored-milk recipes using Fructevia™, a blend of natural fructose, inulin, stevia and magnesium carbonate, as a direct, an all-natural replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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Steviva Brands developed alternative sweetener for chocolate milk ...
Steviva Brands, Inc., has developed an all-natural replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners providing a solution to the chocolate milk debate and ...

Sugar in the spotlight
Making foods taste sweet is one of sugar’s roles. It also provides bulk to foods and beverages, and depresses the freezing point in ice cream.

chocolate_milk_smallDairy manufacturers searching for the perfect high-intensity blend might do well to remember that their reformulations needn’t be an all-or-nothing proposition. In other words, reducing the sugar in dairy may serve everyone’s purposes — from health advocates and manufacturers to consumers — better than removing it outright. “Since there already are sugars, carbohydrates and calories in dairy products naturally, manufacturers should shoot for ‘reduced sugar’ and ‘low glycemic,’ and manufacture for taste with an eye on calories,” King said.....

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stevia-sweet-logo-RA98_tinySteviva Brands, Inc., introduces SteviaSweet RA98™, its sweetest and most highly concentrated sweetener product in its stevia extract line. The new product is designed to replace sucrose and chemically-based sweeteners in a wide range of food applications like soft drinks, cereals, snacks, desserts, ice cream, confectionery products, jams and jellies., see link:, see link:

Steviva Brands Adds SteviaSweet RA98

stevia-sweet-logo-RA98_tinyIn response to increased customer demand, Steviva Brands, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of stevia-based sweeteners and other bulk-ingredient sweeteners, has introduced SteviaSweet RA98TM, the sweetest and most highly concentrated product in its stevia extract line.

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Food Product Design, in the “Sweet Success with Icings & Glazes”
See us fine_powder_smallon pages 22 & 24

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Food Technology Magazine - “Chocolate Everything,”

Both print issue & online

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IFT - listed in the Services Directory

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“Spare the Sugar” 

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Stevia Sweetens The Deal
Overcoming off-notes and mastering low-calorie drinks.
By Stephanie Cernivec

...  Steviva Brands Inc., Portland, Ore., recently introduced a stevia-based syrup blend of
SteviaSweet 95/60 stevia extract powder; genetically-modified-organism-free erythritol; fructooligos-accharides; acacia gum; guar gum; and all-natural, organic brown sugar flavoring. The blend was designed to replace HFCS in beverages, the company says.

“The challenge for beverage manufacturers has been to cut calories and deliver the flavor and mouthfeel of traditional soft drinks,” said Thom King, president of Steviva Brands Inc., in a statement. “Flavor matching, including replicating the sweetness temporal profile of HFCS, is critical for consumers to switch from regular sodas to diet drinks. Because this syrup is optimized to provide sweetness and body, it is a no-added-sugar ‘magic bullet’ for sweetening beverages.”...

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