Honoring the Cycle of Life

where one tree falls a seedling springs to life

My little sister and her husband gave birth to their second child Lauryn yesterday afternoon. Mother and daughter are doing well and thriving.

Last weekend I took my canine companion Dignan camping, something he used to love. I think he has become more of a bed and breakfast kind of dog instead of a camper. There was one particular stretch of the river I was keen to access. It required about a six mile trek through some high desert. About five miles in Dignan decided he was done and he laid down in the shade of a cedar. He has been a very good companion to me and it struck me that he is aging. In fact seven times faster than me. While I look into the mirror and see a new wrinkle every few months and have aches and pains in the morning, I recognize that he is just not as spry as he once was. I picked him up and wrapped him in my shirt to keep the sun off of him and started our journey back to the truck. It was like carrying a twenty-five pound water balloon for five miles. About a mile into the walk back he fell asleep and his legs were bouncing in tune with my steps, priceless.

The take home on all of this is while Lauryn is just beginning her journey some of us are in the middle or making our way to the end. Dread, denial or cosmetic surgeries do not affect the cycle of life from taking its course. Embracing the cycle of life and honoring all living things that pass through it brings us a sense of connectedness since this is something we all share and have in common.

As far as Dignan and I go, well, I will cut my hikes with him a bit shorter and be prepared to carry him when I have to. I will also do this for all who are in my life and graciously accept their help when I start falling behind. We are all in this together and the glue that binds us is the cycle of life itself, the beginning, the middle and eventually the end.

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