The Enormous Array Of Benefits of Stevia

Originating from Paraguay, the stevia plant has been used worldwide for over 30 years in countries like Japan. Due to a study that was believed to be flawed in the 1990s, the United States (FDA), will only permit stevia to be sold as a supplement. Although the FDA has placed these limitations on stevia, other countries and research continue to state the stevia is one of the most natural and beneficial sweetener substitutes presently in circulation. Stevia could be helpful in promoting a weight reduction and maintaining ideal weight management.  One of the benefits of stevia is the fact that it does not have any calories. The primary key to weight loss is to ensure that you burn more calories than you take in. Because stevia has no calories the consumption of this sweetener could help thousands lose weight easier.
A lot of foods have hidden sugars in them. Items like fructose and corn syrup are prime examples of these hidden cavity causers. When reading ingredients label, many people overlook these sugars. However, these type sugars are the primary reason that cavities often creep in undetected. With stevia a good dental report could be in sight. Cavities and periodontal disease could be prevented or hindered with a product like stevia because the content does not contain any other hidden sugars that could cause dental issues.
A few medical websites have indicated that certain amounts of stevia consumed daily could help in maintaining safe blood pressure levels in thousands of people. Since stevia does not have any hidden sugars that effect blood pressure levels, using this product could help some patients lead healthier lives.

Stevia may be a diabetic’s answer to a sweet tooth. Due to regular sugars and sweeteners causing peoples blood sugars to rise, stevia could be a remarkable answer to their issues. Because stevia does not affect your blood sugar but is 300-400 times sweeter that natural sugar, diabetics may find this to be a beneficial substitute for their woes. In fact, a study completed by endocrinologist produced results indicating that stevia promoted insulin production in the pancreas’ of diabetic mice. This same study highly recommended that diabetics research and consider using stevia as a sweetener.
Avid stevia consumers report that these three benefits are just the beginning of the reasons people should use stevia. Because it is sweeter than sugar, stevia could help promote weight loss, prevent future dental problems and help diabetics regulate their sugars. With these three benefits alone, stevia seems to be a very promising sweetner for millions of people.


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