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SteviaSweet – Tea Cut Leaves


SteviaSweet Tea Cut Leaves contain only pure dried stevia leaves, and nothing else.  This is not a powder or extract but rather finely diced dried leaves, perfect for steeping in tea and other beverages.  10 times sweeter than sugar, adds delicious, light sweetness.


Earn up to 302 Points.


Perfect for creating natural sweetness, add to any tea or hot beverage and let steep to maximize the flavor.  Steep in ordinary beverages to create an herbal-infused delicacy.


100% Dried Stevia Rebaudiana Leaves

Form:  Finely diced dried leaves

How Do I Use It?

Add a pinch of SteviaSweet Tea Cut Leaves to your loose tea leaves before you brew. Steep for 5 – 10 minutes, and enjoy!

10 times sweeter than sugar, SteviaSweet Tea Cut Leaves will add a delectable sweetness to any cup of tea or iced tea, naturally.

To benefit from the gentle sweetness of tea cut leaves in your other favorite recipes, add to boiling water and let steep.  When cooled, proceed with adding sweetened water as a base in your beverage recipe.  The possibilities are endless!

What Is It Made Of?

No filler, no additives, just dried Stevia Rebaudiana leaves, finely diced to maximize sweetness when steeped.

Health and Dietary Information:

With zero carbs, zero calories and no glycemic impact, SteviaSweet Tea Cut Leaves are diabetic safe and perfect for low carb and no carb nutritional meal plans.


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