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CocoSweet+ stevia enfused coconut palm sugar.


CocoSweet+ starts with harvesting or "tapping" the blossoms of a coconut tree. Farmers make a small cut on the bark and the sap starts to flow similar to the process of harvesting maple syrup. The sap is then collected in bamboo containers then transferred into large woks and placed over moderate heat to evaporate the moisture content of the sap. As the water evaporates, it starts to transform into a deliciously thick syrup-like substance known as a "toddy". From this form, it is further reduced to the usable crystals found in CocoSweet+. These wonderful crystals are then infused with high grade water extracted stevia. The result is a golden sweetener which is twice as sweet as sugar with a slight hint of caramel.

The Glycemic Index of coconut sugar is only 35 and by that measure it is classified as a low glycemic. Since CocoSweet+ plus is fortified with stevia you sue half as much thus reducing glycemic index by half.

CocoSweet+ has the additional benefit of a high mineral content which includes potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. In addition to this coconut palm sugar contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6. When compared to brown sugar, coconut sugar has 18 times the potassium, 30 times the phosphorus and over 10 times the amount of zinc.

Ingredients: Organic coconut palm sugar and pure steviol glycosides extracted from stevia rebaudiana bertoni leaves.

CocoSweet+ is processed in a facility that strictly follows Good Manufacturing Practices. CoCoSweet+ contain stevia extract that has a concentration of Steviol Glycosides that exceeds 95% which meets or exceeds the JECFA and WHO requirements as well as qualifying for FDA GRAS status.