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erysweet-logo.jpgReplacing sugar with zero to low calorie sweeteners is one way to help consumers achieve higher dietary marks, but there isn’t a drop-in solution. Most consumers balk at the idea of artificial ingredients. Erysweet erythritol is your solution. Although consumers often say they want to reduce calories, many would choose sugar, honey, agave or other nutritive sweeteners over artificial ingredients. Erysweet erythritol is your solution.

Erysweet erythritol is an option for clean label formulating because it is found naturally in honey, as well as in grapes, wine, cheese and soy sauce. As a food ingredient, it is produced by natural microbial fermentation. It is the only polyol that is commercially and naturally produced.

Erysweet Erythritol is an all-natural sweetener produced through natural fermentation. This non-GMO, mildly sweet polyol is ideal for use as a bulking agent or for sweetening low viscosity sauces and beverages. It is 70% as sweet as sugar with a clean, slightly cooling flavor. Synergistic with other sweeteners, it masks bitter flavors of high intensity sweeteners. Its appearance is white crystalline.