February 27, 2005

The Miracle of Water

Recently I read a book called "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto. He asserts that water can absorb feelings and emotions that are transferred by thoughts. The book is filled with photographs of the structure of water at the moment of freezing and from the image is read a message about the water that is relevant to our own health and well-being. He also shows the direct consequences of destructive thoughts or, alternately, the thoughts of love and appreciation has on water crystals. Masaru Emoto, in my opinion has made a discovery that molecules of water are affected by the energy of thoughts, words, and feelings.

I his book there are many pictures of water that has been subjected to the words and thoughts of Love and this water formed amazingly beautiful crystals. Water which has been chlorinated, polluted or subjected to negative words and thoughts did not form crystals or the crystals were greatly deformed.

A few things came up for me. Firstly, I bought into the whole water crystals ability to be imprinted with positive or negative energy. Why? While I am not a "new age space baby" I have seen watches, calculators, clocks, semi-conductors all run on quartz crystals... many watches actually say right on them... quartz crystal. It is simply the most accurate. How it works is a mystery to me but it does work and that is a natural fact. So... why wouldn't water crystals have the ability to store energy? Incidentally, our thoughts are simply energy as well? When we direct negative thoughts at ourselves we run the risk of negatively imprinting the 75% of us that is made up of water. Thus, we can physically pollute our body. Next time you look in the mirror and you tell yourself you are too fat, too old, or too whatever keep this in mind... I know I do.

Secondly, our bodies are 75% water. It makes sense that we should take in 75% water to 25% food. That is also a natural fact. I noticed that I spend quite a bit of money on buying all organic and unprocessed food yet, when it comes to water... I have taken the occasion drink from the public fountain. The water I now put in my body is natural spring water. I take care of it and store as I would my organic produce and before I take a drink a pass a little positive thought to it.

Growing up I had seen my share of Holy Water and always wondered how they made it Holy. I think I know now. Just as I have grown to know my spiritual journey is my own, I now realize making water somewhat holy or at least a spiritual experience is something I can do myself with a few positive thoughts.

Thank you for your patronage.

Have an excellent day.

Thom King
[email protected]
Steviva Brands, Inc.

by: Brian Tracy

You already have everything you need to create a wonderful life for yourself. You know everything you need to know to be your own best friend, a gentle guide, a teacher and a helper to yourself so you can be truly happy and fulfilled.

It is vital that you learn how to become your own psychotherapist for life and how to resolve the difficulties that stand between you and personal joy.

The starting point of becoming your own best friend is for you to be perfectly honest with yourself and your relationships. Refuse to practice self-delusion or hope for the best.

For example, when something is making you unhappy, for any reason, the situation will tend to get worse rather than better. So avoid the temptation to engage in denial, to pretend that nothing is wrong, to wish and hope and pray that, whatever it is, it will go away and you won’t have to do anything. The fact is that it probably will get worse before it gets better and that ultimately you will need to face the situation and do something about it.

There’s an old saying that you can’t solve a problem on the level that you meet it. This means that wrestling with a persistent problem is often fruitless and frustrating. For example, if two people who are in a relationship together are constantly fighting and negotiating and looking for some way to resolve their difficulties, they may be attempting to solve the problem on the wrong level. Dealing with the problem on a higher level, those people would ask the question, “In terms of being happy, is this the right relationship for us in the first place?"

Many people work very hard and experience considerable frustration trying to do a particular job. However, in terms of their own happiness, the right answer might be to do something else, or to do what they’re doing in a different place, or to do it with different people-or all three.

Here are a few questions for you to answer in this arena of happiness. Write them down at the top of a sheet of paper and then write as many answers to each one as you possibly can.

What Would It Take? The first question is: “What would it take for me to be perfectly happy?” Write down every single thing that you can imagine would be in your life if you were perfectly happy at this very moment. Write down things such as health, happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, inner peace, travel, car, clothes, homes, money, and so on. Let your mind run freely. Imagine that you have no limitations at all.

The second question is a little tougher. Write down at the top of a page this question: “In what situations in my life, and with whom, am I not perfectly happy?” Force yourself to think about every part of your day, from morning to night, and write down every element that makes you unhappy or dissatisfied in any way. Remember, proper diagnosis is half the cure. Identifying the unsatisfactory situations is the first step to resolving them.

The third question will give you some important guidelines. Write down at the top of a sheet of paper these words: “In looking over my life, where and when have I been the happiest? Where was I, with whom was I, and what was I doing?”

Once you have the answers to those questions, think about what you can do, starting immediately, to begin creating the kind of life that you dream of. It might take you a week, a month, or a year, but that doesn’t matter. Every single thing you do that moves you closer to your ideal vision will be rewarding in itself. You’ll become a more positive and optimistic person. You’ll feel more confident and more in charge of your life, and you’ll achieve true peace of mind.

Here are three steps you can take immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, examine your business and personal relationships carefully. Is there any situation you wouldn’t get into again if you had it to do over?

Second, make a list of every single thing in your life that would make you happy and then think about what you could do to begin achieving them.

Third, allow yourself to dream and fantasize about your ideal life, what it would look like and feel like, and then do something every day to make it a reality.

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Confused About Good Fat - Bad Fat?

Health experts advise that you keep your intake of all fats to 30 percent of your caloric intake or less, since higher levels have been associated with increased risk of health problems such as heart disease and cancer. But each of the different types of fat has a different effect on your risk of developing a disease. Saturated and trans fats are the most harmful because they raise blood cholesterol levels, increasing your risk of heart problems. Unsaturated fat does not raise cholesterol. Here are more specifics on fat types and their effects:

Saturated fat: Regarded as the worst fat for your health, largely because of its cholesterol-raising effect, this fat is solid at room temperature. You find it in beef, butter, whole-milk products and coconut, palm and palm kernel oil.

Trans fat: Formed by food manufacturers when they add hydrogen to unsaturated fatty acids to make the fat less likely to spoil. Trans fat is found in cookies, crackers, frozen dinners and some breakfast cereals. Look for the words "partially hydrogenated" on the ingredients list to see if the food contains trans fat, which may increase your cholesterol and result in health problems.

Polyunsaturated fat: Found in fish, vegetable oils and many types of nuts, this fat helps lower cholesterol.

Monounsaturated fat: Found in olive and canola oils, peanuts, avocados and almonds, this fat also helps lower cholesterol.

One note: The so-called good fats, which lower cholesterol, must be eaten in modest amounts. Fat of any kind is high in calories, and eating too much of any type can result in weight gain and its related risks, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

The best fat flush can achieved through keeping yourself hydrated! Don't forget to drink plenty of water! What I suggest is adding the juice of half a lemon or 4 tablespoons of unsweetened cranberry juice to 32 ounces of water with a sprinkle of Steviva Brand Stevia Powder . Aside from being less than 2 carbs, you will get the health benefits that the stevia provides along with the vitamin C and electrolytes that lemon have. You can substitute limes for lemons if you get bored. Click here to order stevia powder.

Off Balance?

"To do great work a man must be very idle as well as very industrious."

-- Samuel Butler

Spirit requires a balance of female and male energy, yin and yang, receptiveness and expression. Are you sensitive to intuition and inner guidance? Are you able to act on the guidance you receive? Seek to find a balance in being and doing in all areas of your life.

"The balanced energy is the birthing energy. I used to say that the birthing energy was all feminine -- it’s not. You have to push and you have to be. It’s such a potent example of the dance of the feminine and masculine together, the dance that is the creative energy of life!"

-- Joyce Irvine

Amazing All Natural Sugar Free Thai Chicken or Tofu Coconut Curry Soup
(makes 4 servings)
Skill Level: Easy

2 tb sp oil
2 tbsps curry powder
1 tsp minced garlic
2 whole cloves garlic
14 oz can of coconut milk unsweetened
a tiny dash of Steviva Brand Stevia Powder or a 4 tbsps of Steviva Brand Stevia Blend
1 tsp lime juice
1 fresh lime
1/2 tsp salt
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp basil ( fresh or dried)
2 tbsp fresh cilantro
1/2 onion finely chopped
1/2 heavy whipping cream
4 diced chicken breasts already cooked or firm tofu browned (shown)

Heat oil and add minced garlic and brown 3 minutes on low, do not burn.
Add basil, salt, Steviva Brand Stevia Powder or Steviva Brand Stevia Blend, lime juice and coconut milk. Simmer on low 10 minutes, add 1/2 cup whipping cream and stir.
When hot add diced chicken. Put in bowls and top with plenty of raw onion and cilantro. Salt and pepper to taste.
Squeeze fresh lime juice on soup right before eating.

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