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INDEX is a weekly email publication which covers topics pertaining to low glycemic diet, lifestyle, low glycemic cooking, recipes, weight loss and more. It's free and you can cancel anytime.

The Skinny on Smaller Portions
We are flooded with the latest weight loss gimmicks. Most of them will only result in you losing weight in your wallet and not from your belly or butt.

March 25, 2007
Acid –V- Alkaline
balance your blood can be the key to health and weight loss

I have researched nearly every diet from fads to fasting and have found that there is a common thread that connects them all. That common thread, whether the creators of these diets realize it, is the acidity of your blood and consuming foods that support alkalinity. I am not going to bore you with the details of how this works and why it works, instead I will supply you with the links so you can do the research yourself.

http://altmedicine.about.com/od/popularhealthdiets/a/alkalinediet.htm (good description)
http://www.rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm (good list of foods and descriptions)

When the body has a high amount of acidity in its system, a number of symptoms can occur: fatigue, weight gain, headaches, muscle pain, acid indigestion, and a weakened immune system, among others.

In a nut shell, the purpose of the Alkaline Acid Diet is to keep the pH balance of our bodies at a proper level by consuming mainly vegetables and less acidic foods such as beans, nuts, and grains, with only a moderate amount of foods with higher amounts of acids, such as meats and dairy products. The diet tends to lean toward the vegetarian ideal, with 75% of your food intake being low-acid items (mainly vegetables and vegetarian foods), and allowing 25% for the remainder (meat and dairy for those of you who simply cannot do without the occasional steak).

I have become, once again, the human Guinea Pig for my sister who is in medical school. She is studying the effectiveness of the “Master Cleanse” or “Lemonade Diet”. For the next 7 days I will consume nothing but a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, grade b organic maple syrup and water. I can have as much as I want, if that is any consolation. As part of the preparation for this adventure we tested my Ph and other vitals. My Ph came up at 6.5, normal is around 7.5 but, each point, like and earthquake is exponential. Meaning; my Ph level is 10 times more acid then it should be. Further research indicated that this lemonade mixture is designed to bring my Ph to a more alkaline level.

It is interesting to note that the only sweetener that is allowed on a Alkaline Diet is Stevia. I am quite certain that is because ingesting sugar and chemical/artificial sweeteners can make your blood more acidic. Acidic blood is a breeding ground for cancer and other disease. Cancer cannot live in an environment that is rich in oxygen and has a Ph level over 7.5. These are facts.

By the time my next newsletter comes out, next Sunday, I will be coming off of this 7 Day Master Cleanse. I will give you exact details of my progress as well as the net results such as Ph level, weight, blood pressure and more. So far… I feel fine but, I am sure Guinea Pigs feel that way as well.

Have an excellent week.

Thom King

[email protected]
Steviva Brands, Inc


Success Is Closer Than You Think

Max Steingart

Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity. But you have to act on them if you're going to be successful.

Distant pastures always look greener than those close at hand, but real opportunities are right where you are. You must simply take advantage of them when they appear. You can start where you are at any time.

Success is all around you. It's not in your environment, it's not in luck or chance, or in the help of others. Success is in yourself alone.

You don't need more strength or more ability or greater opportunity. What you need is to use what you have. Learn to seize good fortune, for it is always around you.

You must go to success, it doesn't come to you.

Open your own doors to opportunity.


Fitness on the Road: Just Say Skip It

If you find yourself traveling a lot but you're unable to take along much more fitness equipment than your good intentions, here's the ideal solution: a jump rope. Using this one piece of gear is a fantastic way to burn calories and lose weight, and you can jump rope at your own level of intensity for any length of time. In fact, in only 15 to 20 minutes you can elevate your heart rate, work up a major sweat and get an overall energy boost.

From Muhammed Ali to Rocky Balboa, any boxer will tell you that skipping rope isn't something just for little girls on the playground. Few other exercises build timing and rhythm the way jumping rope does. It's a complete cross-training workout that combines elements of cardiovascular and endurance training with muscle strengthening. While you probably know how great jumping rope is for shaping the calves, glutes and quads, what you may not realize is that the constant turning motion of the rope will also tone your upper body.

Getting Started
If it's been a while since you last picked up a jump rope, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, coordination doesn't always come easy, so be patient. Second, when selecting a jump rope, the proper length is important: Stand with both feet on the center of your rope. If the tips of the handles reach chest level, this is an appropriate length. Finally, jumping rope barefoot is not recommended; proper shock absorption is necessary to reduce the risk of injury to your feet and ankles, so wear an athletic shoe with lots of cushioning.

Since jumping rope is so aerobically demanding, the best way to build stamina is to use interval training, which alternates periods of work and recovery. For example, jump rope for three minutes followed by marching in place. Repeat this four or five times and before you know it, you'll have completed your workout.

The Moves
All jumps start with the rope behind you, next to your heels. The speed of the rope comes from your arms rather than your feet; your feet follow whatever pace your arms set. Be sure to not flex at the wrist while turning the rope. Try to keep the wrist as a natural extension of the forearm. Here are four easy moves to help you get started:

Two-Foot Landing
This is just as it sounds. You'll push off your toes and land on both feet, bending slightly at your knees and pushing off of your toes again for the next jump.

Heel Dig
Jump on one foot while you place the opposite heel on the floor in front of you. As you bring the rope around, switch feet; continue to alternate as you jump.

Cross-Country Ski
The pattern is identical to the placement of your feet in actual cross-country skiing (one forward, one back), except you need to jump a little higher to clear the jump rope. In the landing position of the jump, you will open your legs in a stride position and then switch legs as the rope comes over your head for the next landing.

Jumping Jack
This is just like the jumping jacks you remember from fifth grade gym class, but the key is to coordinate the jump with the turning of the rope. Turn once with feet together, once with feet apart and be careful not to bring feet out too far to the side or you risk catching the rope on them.


Forgiveness Brings Joy

"The greatest evil that can befall man is that he should come to think ill of himself." -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Do you feel worthy of having joy?

Do you feel you deserve it?

The first step to activating our inner joy is to eliminate the blocks to it. We can start by truly forgiving ourselves and all others. Forgiveness calls for a shift in our perception. It is easier to forgive ourselves and others when we really understand that each of us has always done the very best we knew to do at that time.

"If we don’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and others for the wounds they have inflicted upon us, we end up crippled with guilt. And the soul cannot grow under a blanket of guilt, because guilt is isolating, while growth is a gradual process of reconnection to ourselves, to other people, and to a larger whole." -- Joan Borysenko


Sugar Free Low Glycemic Strawberry Jam
Serves: 30
Carbs Per Serving: 4.3 g
Prep Time:<35 minutes

1 cup cool water
2 envelopes of unflavored gelatine
1lb of fresh or thawed frozen strawberries
1/2 cup Steviva Brand Stevia Blend
1 tb sp. lemon juice

In large saucepan, sprinkle gelatine over cold water and let stand for one minute. Stir over low heat until gelatine completely dissolves. Add the fruit, Steviva Blend, and lemon juice. Bring to a boil, then simmer, stirring occasionally, for 10-15 minutes. Spoon into sterilized jars. Chill until set.

Nutritional Facts
Total Calories: 174
Calories Per Serving: 5.8
Total Fat: 41.1g
Saturated Fat: 1.9g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 116mg
Total Carbohydrates: 33g

Carbohydrates Per Serving: 1.1g
Dietary Fiber: 10.7g
Sugars: 25g
Protein: 8g

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