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The Skinny on Smaller Portions
10 tips on getting rid of the unwanted gift of holiday weight gain I am here to tell you that most of weight loss gimmicks will only result in you losing weight in your wallet

December 28, 2008

The Best Is Just Ahead
bringing in the New Year with hope and change

Now that we are about to welcome in the New Year what will in store for you? Do you foresee more of the same or are you planning to kick butt with a proactive action plan? Whatever your plan, the best is just ahead for you - yes you!

You can get everything you want out of your life if you follow one basic principle and that is "those who keep doing the same things over and over will never reach their full potential and will always get the same results". If you plan to turn the pages in your calendar from 2008 to 2009 without making significant changes don't expect significant results.

To help get you motivated here are twelve things to ponder in the days to come. To do this properly you'll need a little time, a lot of commitment and paper to write it all down.

1. When the New Year arrives it's a whole new ball game. There will be no coasting off yesterday's effort and results.

2. Bid farewell to everything that doesn't work for you. Learn to let go of unproductive habits and procedures. Why keep doing something if it doesn't deliver the results you want?

If what you're doing isn't working - just stop doing it. Quit being afraid to learn something new. Live on the edge - go out and invest in yourself through books, DVD's or CDs that will sharpen the skills that need to be sharpened.

3. Ask yourself what kind of person are you? What kind of person do you want to become? What would it take to become the person you're capable of becoming? It usually takes courage and action.

4. A very successful man was asked many years ago what advice he would give college graduates on how to become successful. Without any hesitation he said there were three steps to success: First, figure out what you want. Second, Figure out what you're willing to sacrifice to achieve it. Third, just go do it.

5. What do you value most in your life? Does what you value most get most of your time? Remember, your actions speak louder than your words.

6. What are the attributes of a successful motivated person? Do you possess any of these attributes? If you do, how are you planning to capitalize on them? Successful motivated people seldom get average results. Winners deal with adversity and achieve the results.

7. Make a list of all the things and all the people may have taken for granted. Make another list that describes how you plan not to take these people and things for granted throughout 2009.

8. We are all works-in-progress? What specifically are you working on and what's your timetable for getting it done. Procrastination kills more good intentions than anything else.

9. Life is filled with would'a, could'a and should'a. What are you doing or what are you not doing today that someday may become a huge regret for you? You'll live a fuller life when you pursue your goals today before they turn into regrets tomorrow.

10. Stop and think for a moment. Can you think of a special person who had a big and positive impact on your life? Call them before it's too late and personally thank them. You'll feel good and they'll feel even better.

11. These are the best of times, if you allow yourself to think positively and creatively. Life will never be easy, it wasn't meant to be. Give thanks for what you have and convert everything you're dreaming about into written goals with completion dates. People who passionately reach for their goals with a sense of urgency usually achieve them.

12. Write down everyday... What have I learned today? What have I improved today? What have I enjoyed today? What do I plan on doing to get where I need to be? Think it and ink it.

There's a time to reflect and a time to act. This is a good time to reflect. When January 1st arrives you have another 365 days to act.

The best is just ahead! Here is to a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Thank all of you for your patronage.

Have an excellent day.

Thom King
Steviva Brands, Inc


As You Sow So Shall You Reap
Max Steingart

It's a universal law: You have to give before you get.

You must plant your seeds before you reap the harvest. The more you sow, the more you will reap. In giving to others, you will find yourself blessed.

The law works to give you back more then you have sown. Those that obtain have little. Those who scatter have much. The giver's harvest is always full.
Nature does not give to those who will not spend.

This is the time of year to show appreciation to those you love.


Tips To Improve Your Body Image

The media has really pushed the whole being skinny things for far to long. I think it is time for us to fight back. We are all different and we're supposed to be that way. It would be an incredibly boring world if we all looked exactly the same. It's a truly special experience to look around and realize that everyone is beautiful, no matter what size, color or gender they are. There is beauty in everyone, and that includes you.

Here are a few tips to help you fight back a suffering body image:

Do Self-affirmations daily. You are good enough and it's what's inside that counts.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Don't wear clothes that feel too tight or restrict movement. Don't hold off on buying clothes you like -- do it now! Dress to express yourself, not to impress others. You should feel good in what you wear.

Stay away from the scale -- as a matter of fact, get rid of it! If your weight needs to be monitored, leave that up to the doctors. How much you weigh should never effect your self-esteem or your sense of who you are.

Before you look in the mirror, think optimistically. When you start your day, decide how you are feeling before going to the mirror. No one looks good with bed-head, and our moods aren't determined by the reflection we see. Start your day with self-affirmations, relax in a hot shower, think of all the positive ways you will cope with any stresses of the day ahead, and think of the things you have to be thankful for in your life... only then are you more prepared to face yourself with pride.

Talk to yourself at the mirror. Focus on what you like and remind yourself that it's okay to like and appreciate what you see, no matter what size you are.

Stay away from fashion magazines. Let's fact it, most fashion and women's magazines focus on an ideal of beauty that is just not something anyone in real-life can be. Most models make up less than one percent of the human population when it comes to their size! In addition, each one has a staff of people to make them transform into what the final photo looks like -- designers, make-up artists, camera people and lighting specialists, and photo retouchers (think "airbrush"). Unless you can look through these magazines knowing they are purely fantasy, it's just better to stay away from them. Invest in magazines that contribute to who you are -- News magazine, magazines that relate to positive hobbys and interests (art, music, sports, traveling, home decorating, gardening, etc.).

Make a "why I like myself" list. Think of all the things about YOU that you like -- are you honest? Creative? Intelligent? Compassionate? Loyal? Kind? Think of all the reason you deserve to love yourself and write them down. Hang the list up next to the mirror as a reminder that these things are what make you truly beautiful.

Take the time to do nice things for your body. One a month get a massage, a manicure, or a facial. Pamper yourself to long hot baths by candlelight. Get together with a friend and give each other pedicures. Buy lotions that feel and smell good and treat yourself to some perfume or body mist. Take naps when you need to, just because you can.

Stay alert to fighting negative self-talk. When that little voice of doom pops up in your mind trying to remind you how horrible you think you are, have a strategy for turning those negatives to positives. No one is perfect! When you find yourself being self critical immediately stop and pay yourself a compliment!

Stay active. Movement therapy is something that helps improve everyone's sense of being. Take up Yoga or Tai' Chi. Join a Karate class. Take a thirty-minute walk three days a week. Get outside and play volleyball with the kids or go roller skating in the park with your friends. Take a leisurely bike ride at sunrise. Make angels in the snow and sand castles at the beach. Be active and enjoy life!

Remind yourself that looking healthy is something positive. It means that you are well rested, eating right and nurturing your soul. It means no more than that, and no less than that.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water! What I suggest is adding the juice of half a lemon to 32 ounces of water with a sprinkle of Steviva Brand Stevia Powder . Aside from being less than 2 carbs, you will get the health benefits that the stevia provides along with the vitamin C and electrolytes that lemon have. You can substitute limes for lemons if you get bored. Click here to order stevia powder. Now, starting working out.

This information and other information is intended for general reference purposes only and is not intended to address specific medical conditions. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical exam. Prior to participating in any exercise program or activity, you should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional. No information on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.


Taking a Snow Day
finding peace in the moment

With so much to do all the time, it can be difficult to find time to simply breathe, think, and explore our inner landscapes. It is still possible, however, to feed your soul and to briefly separate yourself from life’s frenetic pace by taking a snow day. Personal snow days are best taken when you feel like you are running on empty with no chance of respite in sight or when you begin to resent the life you once loved.

Your snow day can go a long way toward dispelling built up stress, provided you give yourself full permission to indulge in nurturing activities. It is not a day to worry about what you’re missing or what is still lingering on your to-do list. Rather, it is a day to give yourself a break from your responsibilities so you can return to them when you are fully alert. Once you have scheduled your snow day, try to commit to ignoring your chores, not calling your place of work, and doing only the activities you enjoy. Relax, take a nap in the afternoon, play with children, meditate, work in your garden, or read a novel. Take a long walk in the fading afternoon sunshine and then cook a special dinner for yourself. Let your snow day be as languid and as lazy as you need it to be.

If necessary, prepare for your snow day by getting anything you think you will want or need ahead of time. Clean up or pay the bills the day before so you’re not tempted to work. When your snow day is over, hold on to its essence. Take some of the peacefulness you felt and keep it close to your heart. Even though we are a society that values overtime and hard work, you deserve a snow day every now and then.


No Added Sugar Low Carb - Key Lime Pie Recipe
Serves: 12
Carbs Per Serving: 6.4 g
Prep Time:<25 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

1 cup ground pecans
3 tablespoons butter, melted
2 teaspoon Fructevia
, Steviva Brand Stevia Blend
1/2 teaspoon coconut extract
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 teaspoon Fructevia
, Steviva Brand Stevia Blend
1 (.6 ounce) package sugar-free lime-flavor gelatin
1/3 cup boiling water
1/3 cup cold water
2 (8 ounce) packages low fat cream cheese, cut into pieces and softened
1/2 teaspoon coconut extract
2 tablespoons ground pecans

In a medium bowl, mix together 1 cup ground pecans, butter, 2 teaspoons Fructevia
, Steviva Brand Stevia Blend , and 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract. Press firmly into bottom and up sides of an 8 inch pie plate; refrigerate until firm.

In a small bowl, whip the heavy cream with 2 teaspoons Fructevia
, Steviva Brand Stevia Blend until soft peaks form. Set aside.

In a large bowl with high sides, mix the gelatin with boiling water until all the gelatin has dissolved. Then stir in the cold water. With an electric mixer, slowly beat in the cream cheese. After all cream cheese is added, stir in remaining 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract, and beat at high speed until smooth. Carefully fold in the whipped cream. Use a spatula to scrape mixture into the pie pan and spread around. Sprinkle remaining 2 tablespoons ground nuts on top. Refrigerate several hours or overnight to allow gelatin to set thoroughly.

Nutritional Facts
Total Calories: 2927
Calories Per Serving: 243.9
Total Fat: 279.0g
Saturated Fat: 105.7g
Cholesterol: 503mg
Sodium: 2360mg
Total Carbohydrates: 56g

Carbohydrates Per Serving: 4.6g
Dietary Fiber: 16.2g
Sugars: 38g
Protein: 66g

Try All Natural Steviva Brand Stevia Blend, Fructevia and Steviva Brand Stevia Powder!

Introducing New Fructevia!
think of it like sugar only better

You can use Fructevia in hot and cold beverages and it dissolves instantly. You can use Fructevia for cooking and baking just as you would sugar. Fructevia even caramelizes for all the gourmets out there. You can replace their table sugar with Fructevia and the kids won't even notice. One tablespoon of Fructevia has less than 3 calories per serving and does not affect blood sugar levels like sugar so it is safe for diabetics, low carb dieters, low Glycemic dieters, those suffering from hypoglycemia and folks that are just staying off sugar. Fructevia tastes like sugar. In fact, we guarantee it. If it does not exceed your expectations send it back and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked!

But... don't take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying:

Received my order of Fructevia today and had to try it immediately.  It's wonderful!  I will make a lemon meringue pie for my father at Thanksgiving, his favorite which he has not had in years because he is diabetic. ~ J. Hart

There is no doubt in my mind that Fructevia is by far the in the most exciting sweetening product to enter the market in recent decades. ~ M. Williams

I love coffee and my husband has replaced sugar with Fructevia in all of my lattes and various coffee drinks. Whoo hoo! Fructevia is excellent. I love it. It's about time! ~ J. Butler

Fructevia is an all natural proprietary blend of Fructose, FOS, Stevia and Magnesium Carbonate. Fructevia is about twice as sweet as sugar so you use half as much. Fructevia does not affect blood sugar levels like sugar so it is safe for diabetics, low carb dieters, low glycemic dieters, persons suffering from hypoglycemia and more. Fructevia tastes exactly like sugar. In fact, we guarantee it. If you find that it doesn't, send it back and we will refund your money in full. No questions asked. Fructevia contains no GMO's, Gluten or chemicals. It is completely a product of nature. Order Fructevia Now! Regularly Fructevia sells for $54.99. Take advantage of our low introductory price. Only $38.99 for 5lbs!


Fructevia 2- 5lb Special!

2- 5lb Bulk Size of Fructevia Sweetener with free domestic (within the US) shipping.

Fructevia is a patented all natural proprietary blend of Fructose, FOS, Stevia and Magnesium Carbonate.

Fructevia is about twice as sweet as sugar so you use half as much.

Fructevia has less than 3 calories per serving and does not affect blood sugar levels like sugar so it is safe for diabetics, low carb dieters, low glycemic dieters, persons suffering from hypoglycemia and more.

Fructevia tastes exactly like sugar. In fact, we guarantee it. If you find that it doesn't, send it back and we will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Order Now! Regularly: $109.99 - On Sale: $75.00

SPECIAL ON 2 STEVIVA BLEND 5lb BULK BAGS - It's granulated like sugar and dissolves quickly and has the same sweetness as sugar, so it is very easy to measure and great to cook or bake with! A $109.98 Value plus $18.20 shipping for only $99.00! PLUS WE WILL SHIP IT TO YOU FOR FREE (Domestic only - no overseas orders) Click Here For Immediate Free Priority Mail Shipping!

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Two Complete Programs Atkins and South Beach - Our Free Gift To You!

Overcoming the boredom and lack of variety is perhaps the biggest obstacle you will face in a diet. Well, that is about to change. With this Complete Atkins and South Beach Diet Program, your variety will be vastly improved. You can set up your meals weeks in advance, or you can plan around whatever your local grocery chain happens to have on sale that week, saving you thousands each year on your grocery bill.

Free with any Steviva Brands purchase, you will receive, The Atkins Diet Plan, The Atkins CARB COUNTER and Over 1000+ great recipes. Plus the 4 week South Beach E-Plan, Over 1000+ South Beach Recipes, Glycemic Counter, to keep track of your sugar intake, Substitution Food List & South Beach Shopping List, Helpful Tips and Hints to the South Beach Diet. All Free with any Steviva.com purchase!

All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with any of our products, send them back for a full refund.

These plans will ALLOW you to eat almost everything you enjoy and will re-introduce you to foods you used to think were not allowed.

The greatest part of this offer is that it will cost you nothing. It is our gift to you for your purchase of any Steviva Brand Product!

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