Weathering a Crap Storm

how to maintain your cool in un-cool situations

I gotta tell you, when it rains sometimes it pours but, the hallmark of the mature, fully functioning, self-actualized person is the ability to be cool, calm and collected when caught up in the inevitable crap storms daily life delivers.

The grounded person has the ability to continue talking to themselves in a positive and optimistic way, keeping their mind calm, clear and completely under control. The mature personality is more relaxed, confident, aware and capable of interpreting events more realistically and less emotionally than is the reactive immature person. As a result, the mature person exerts a far greater sense of control and influence over their environment, and is far less likely to be angry, upset, or distracted.

Here's a few tips that will help you weather the crap storm:

1.) Look upon the inevitable setbacks that you face as being temporary, specific and external.

2.) View the perceived negative situation as a single event that is not connected to other potential events and that is caused largely by external factors over which you can have little control.

3.) Simply refuse to see the event as being in any way permanent, pervasive or indicative of personal incompetence of inability. I call this denial. Sometimes you just need to fake until you make it.

Resolve to think like an optimist, no matter what happens. You may not be able to control events but you can control the way you react to them and this will go a long way to keep you cool in un-cool situations.

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