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Helping everyone live healthier lives

More than 20 years ago, Thom King, a self-professed foodie and “health nut,” was introduced to a green herbal paste from Paraguay. The paste, while bitter, was very sweet, and Thom was inspired to figure out how to safely and cleanly extract the sweet part of this leaf and use it as a natural sweetener.

From its humble beginnings in Thom’s small garage in Los Angeles, Steviva Brands has grown into a company comprised of passionate health advocates and food scientists with one goal: to help everyone live healthier lives.

“Sugar is addictive. We want you to be able to make tasty treats for your family without the negative impact of blood sugar issues and risk of ‘diabesity.’ Food really can be healthful and still taste great.”
– Thom King, founder and president of Steviva Brands

Today, Steviva offers much more than stevia to safely and healthfully replace artificial sweeteners and table sugar. Our product lineup includes monk fruit, erythritol, coconut sugar, agave nectar, inulin, crystalline fructose and xylitol, and we continue to innovate and add more products every year.  Our Portland, Oregon manufacturing headquarters is certified by Oregon Tilth and we are able to offer most of our products in organic as well as conventional.

We support the journey to wellness by offering news, insights and resources through our regular blog postings, as well as a bounty of free no-sugar and low-sugar recipes on our website to help you achieve your dietary goals.

Visit recipes to find hundreds of recipes for delicious treats such as Chocolate Coconut Brownies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, as well as many other amazing desserts – plus main dishes, sides, appetizers, beverages and more. It’s possible to feed your family their favorite foods and still live a healthier lifestyle.

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