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Avocado Deviled Eggs

Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce

This sweet and tangy BBQ sauce uses our delicious CocoSweet+, a blend of organic coconut palm sugar and stevia extract, and a touch of Nectevia, which replaces the use of brown sugar and molasses in traditional BBQ sauce. This makes it a healthy, low-carb, and full-flavor BBQ sauce recipe that can be used on beef, pork and chicken.

Primal Sesame Ginger Crunch Slaw

Savory, yet sweet primal-friendly ginger crunch slaw with an Asian infusion. This primal slaw is the perfect addition to any diet looking to reduce sugar but not sacrifice an ounce of flavor.

Enjoy this crunch slaw as your main meal by simply doubling the vinaigrette and cooking your favorite protein (i.e. chicken, tofu, edamame, etc.) in the dressing.

Low Glycemic No Added Sugar Rhubarb Marmalade!

I paid a visit to the farmers market this weekend and ran across an amazing bunch of Rhubarb. So... I came up with the easy little recipe and shazam, it turned out perfectly. Check it out!

No Added Sugar, Diabetic Safe 1000 Island Dressing

Aside from boosting your veggie and nutrient intake, salads are a great way to slim down. They help to moderate food intake by increasing satiety which reduces the likelihood of overeating. Plus, they're extremely versatile; you can dress them up or dress them down, and they're incredibly delicious with the right combinations of foods. But top off your salad with the wrong dressing and you could be ingesting more calories and fat than if you had downed an ice cream sundae. Here's a fantastic no added sugar version of Thousand Island Dressing that won't leave you marooned on the island of big fat fatties.

Low Glycemic Kansas City Barbecue Sauce

Sometimes I just get this terrible hankering for barbecue. Nothing is better than a rack of ribs smothered in spicy and tangy barbecue sauce. The only problem with this is that most barbecue sauce contains twice as much sugar as ice cream and three times as much as soda. Wow! Talk about a blood sugar spike. Here's a killer and I mean killer Barbecue recipe that will knock your socks off and satisfy even the most discriminating barbecue pallet. And what's more is we have taken out most of the sugar will leaving the amazing taste. This recipe calls for ketchup as a base. I suggest you make your own sugar f r e e here's the link to our recipe at Enjoy!

Zesty Barbecue Sauce Recipe – Low Glycemic, Reduced Sugar, Diabetic Safe

Puxatony Phil predicts that Spring around the corner. It is getting to be time to fire up the barbecue. The only problem is barbecue sauce is generally loaded with sugar. In fact, most barbecue sauce contains 3 times as much sugar as soda and 4 times as much as ice cream. Here's a great barbecue sauce that tastes awesome, is easy to make and is lower in sugar. Used in moderation this barbecue sauce is safe for diabetics and anybody who is trying to cut the sugar out. Enjoy!

Cranberry Mango Chutney

This chutney is low carb, low glycemic, diabetic safe, with no added sugar and made with stevia!

Italian Dressing – Low Glycemic No Added Sugar

This  dressing is awesome on salads, obviously, but it also makes a great marinade. It is easy to make and will keep for weeks in the refrigerator.


Apricot and Walnut Chutney – Low Glycemic No Added Sugar

Apricots are at the top of their season right now. This chutney is great with cheese, poultry, pork and even fish like salmon. The walnuts provide the Omega 3 and the apricots are low in sugar yet high in vitamin C. This is a lot of chutney. You can freeze it, can it, or give it to friends. Spread the joy!