The Boob Tube The Deadly Distraction

The Boob Tube The Deadly Distraction

turn off the tube, save big money and time – here’s how and why

A University of Vermont study found that overweight participants who reduced their TV time by just 50 percent burned an additional 119 calories a day on average. That’s an automatic 12-pound annual loss. Crazy right? But, check this out. Not only will you lose weight and be more healthy, you will save a lot of money and greatly enhance the quality of your life.

TV is expensive! I don’t just mean the cost of cable either. As a habit, it is, in my opinion the worst and most costly bad habit you could have. Not only are cable bills expensive, some people pay over $100 per month or $1,200 per year, but so are the flat screen TVs we rush to buy. But the biggest cost by far is the absolute waste of time. Let me ask you, how much value do you receive today for the TV you watched a year ago? My guess is the answer to that is none. Consider this:

  • Yearly Cable/Satellite Bill: $1000-$1500
  • Time WASTED per person: 1825 HOURS
  • Cost of Time Wasted at half minimum wage: $7300

$1000-$1500 Per Year in Cable bill savings which could allow you to:

  • Start a home business
  • Pay off a credit card
  • Pay for music lessons or a tutor for your kids
  • Take a small vacation
  • Gain 1825 Hours Per Year which could allow you to:

$1000-$1500 Per Year in Cable bill savings which could allow you to:

  • Earn an extra $14,600 per year at minimum wage
  • Get your pilot’s license
  • Get Scuba certified
  • Start a business
  • Spend more time with family
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Learn a second language.

Cutting off TV will certainly help you control spending and become free, reduce Stress and be more peaceful, lose weight and gain time with the family as a family which can inspire the following:

  • Have healthy family dinners together
  • Have family game night
  • Start a family garden
  • Teach the family how to cook or learn how to cook
  • Get caught up on chores
  • Actually talk to one another

However you plan to spend your save time and money is up to you. But next time you pick up the remote give it a second thought and maybe crack open a book or grab the kids for a walk.

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