A Casualty of Consumption

waging war on weight gain- part one of a ten part series.

We are being assaulted thousands of times a day with ads and marketing encouraging us to consume more. We are asked to eat more pizza, they’re only five dollars for a large and if you call now you will get chicken wings and soda delivered for free. From McDonalds to Carl’s Jr. to Outback Bloomin’ Onion we are being enticed to indulge. After we have consumed and become fat we are encouraged to get involved in Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and a litany of other purveyors of weight loss. Enter the yo yo syndrome. Gain weight… lose weight… gain back more and lose a few less.

Today is the day you will make a commitment to yourself. You will commit to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some steps you will take to get you on the path to being trim, fit and healthy.

Step 1.) Go through your cabinets and clear out all the garbage food.

Step 2.) Go through your refrigerator and clear out all the junk food.

Step 3.) Make a grocery list that includes fats, proteins and green leafy vegetables.

Step 4.) Create a meal plan for yourself and maybe your family for the entire week. Stick with this plan. I have some great ones at http://www.guygoneketo.com

Step 5.) Refrain from eating any and all sugar, grains, fruit and high glycemic foods.

Step 6.) Drink a gallon of water every day.

Step 7.) Get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night. Make it a priority.

Step 8.) Get moving. Go to the gym. Go for a walk. Take the stairs. Move your arms around. Sign up for a fitness class; whichever one keeps your interest.

Step 9.) Network with like minded healthy people. Create your support group. Remember, you are the sum of the five people closest to you.

Step 10.) Be fair to yourself. Change takes time. You will slip up. When you do forgive, forget and move one. Beating yourself up will only bring you down. So, don’t do it.

I know all of this sounds much easier said than done. This is true. But, if you commit and really commit and you have people around you hold you accountable you will begin to make the change.

I have battled the yo yo most of my life. I have weighed as much as 238 lbs and as little as 168 lbs. Right now I weigh 202 lbs. At 6′ 1” I should be about 171 pounds. This is pretty hypocritical for somebody who writes about health and fitness on a daily basis. You are not alone, I am in this with you. We will do this together. We are going keto… this Guy Has Gone Keto. This is the first of many newsletters that I will be sending out to my readers chronicling my personal progress on shedding another twenty pounds; more on this to come.

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