Keeping An Attitude of Accountability

keeping your word and doing what you say

I recall a mentor of mine once said to me that integrity is about keeping your word and if you become your word your word becomes universal. One of the secrets of success is learning to adopt an Attitude of Accountability.

An Attitude of Accountability is about keeping your word –doing what you say you’re going to do. Keeping your word is a standard or a value that draws people to you, creates complete trust and produces success.

How important is it for you to keep your word? Although it may sound a little old fashioned, keeping your word will never go out of style. But what, exactly, does it mean to “keep your word”? Simply this: To honor any commitment you make to another person.

Whether it is business or personal, the principle is the same. Meet your commitments, honor your obligations — simply keep your word.

Here are a few tips that will help you build greater integrity in your life:

  • Never commit to doing something that you don’t believe you can honor.
  • Before you commit to something, think of the long-term implications in terms of the time, effort and inconvenience that may be required.
  • Don’t commit to do something simply for the sake of approval.
  • Jot down your commitment somewhere in writing so it doesn’t slip your mind.
  • Never change your mind because of circumstances that occur after you make your commitment.
  • And remember, there is an unforeseen problem which may delay or prevent your from following through be sure to let the person you’ve promised something to know about it.

In the  words of John Di Lemme marketing consultant, strategic business coach and international speaker, “Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions”.

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