Best Beverages for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can make you really thirsty. And unless you make a point of drinking something each time you nurse your baby, you can easily become dehydrated. It is generally recommended that breastfeeding moms drink 2 to 3 quarts of water per day. Simply drinking plain water will of course do the trick, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy something with flavor yet without the excess calories, sugars, and artificial ingredients found in sodas and many other soft drinks.

Here are some fun ideas for staying hydrated while breastfeeding!

Infused Water

Infusing water is an easy way to add the flavor of fruits, herbs, berries, and even some vegetables to your drinks. Thinly slice your produce, add fresh herbs, and cover with cold water in a glass pitcher or mason jar. Let the water infuse in the fridge overnight, and enjoy your refreshing drink throughout the next day. If you feel the drink needs a bit of added sweetness, Steviva’s all natural sweeteners are the perfect thing. How about these combinations?

  • Lemon, strawberry and basil
  • Cucumber, lime and thyme
  • Blueberry, orange and rosemary

Green Juices

Leafy green vegetables are loaded with beneficial phytochemicals that support good health, boost energy, and nourish the body. And juicing them makes getting a daily dose easy and fun. There are lots of leafy greens to enjoy, such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens, cilantro, parsley, basil and more. Cucumber juice adds a refreshing element, and apples, carrots or pineapple adds just enough sweetness to balance the greens. For some brightness include lemon. If you want a little zing, add ginger root. For an earthy flavor, beet root is great (but don’t juice this veggie alone). And if you’re craving a little kick, you can throw in a handful of arugula, too. Have fun with it, and remember you can always add some Steviva sweetener, if needed.


Like green juices, smoothies made from real fruit are free of added sugars or artificial sweeteners, and are packed with lots of good-for-you macro and micronutrients. Bananas are a perfect creamy smoothie base, nut butter adds protein, frozen berries or chopped up fruit give it some sweetness. Add a bit of ice, and a splash of milk to make blending easier. You can also make yogurt based smoothies or how about creamy avocado? The possibilities are endless!

Herbal Tea

Herbs can be powerful medicine, so it is best to drink herbal tea in moderation while nursing. Some herbs can have lactogenic effects that could cause oversupply if taken in large quantities while others can have the opposite effect and dry up supply (for example spearmint and wintergreen). But in moderation, herbal teas are comforting and relaxing, and a great way to get fluids throughout the day. There are many herbal teas for nursing mothers on the market, or you can make your own by steeping herbs, such as tulsi, red raspberry leaf, chamomile and nettles. Drink the tea hot or make a big batch to enjoy over ice throughout your day.

Nut & Grain Milks

Almonds, oats and barley are a often recommended foods for nursing moms, and they can also be turned into milks that are both delicious and nutritious. To make nut or grain milks, first soak your ingredients in pure water overnight (or longer depending on what you are using) and drain. For almond milk, add fresh water, blend in a high speed blender, and strain through a cheese cloth or special nut milk bag. For grain milk, add the grains and fresh water to a pot, bring to a boil and simmer for abut 45 minutes to an hour. Then strain the milk. Flavor the milk with cinnamon, and a tiny scoop of SteviaSweet, if desired.

We hope some of these ideas inspire you. Enjoy your baby!


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