Crossing The Great Divide

celebrating and embracing our differences

The world we live in today is such a rapidly changing place. For some of us change comes more quickly and we are better adapted to welcoming in change. For those who are unable to embrace change they can be swept away and left behind. When some folks change and others don’t, there becomes a great division. These divisions have boiled to the surface recently as rich, poor, conservative, liberal, black, white, gay and straight; this list can go on infinitum. This was brought to the forefront with the recent coverage of the escalation of bullying and the resulting in continued suicides of some youths.

It is important to let your children, and anybody for that matter,  know if they witness bullying to be proactive and get others involved. Standing by and allowing bullying to transpire makes us complicit.

Please consider in the week ahead to see our differences as attributes that make us unique and special. We can celebrate that we live in a world where we can each be different and unique without judgments. Embrace these differences in yourself and others. But most importantly, recognize that we all one people and one race – the Human Race. We really are in this together.

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