It’s Time For You To Have A Little Talk With Yourself

One of the most powerful tools I have in my “pick me up” arsenal is Positive Self Talk. It is something any of us can do at any time and it is a really great way to start off the day. Here are a few tips on how to supercharge your attitude and self esteem through Positive Self Talk.

Know your outcome. Have a clear vision of the end result and avoid dwelling on the question, how will I get there? Our subconscious minds are very creative and once the thought is programmed, you will be pleasantly surprised at how the creative mind goes to work to guide you to make the vision a reality. For example, let’s take a shy person who is uncomfortable speaking to a group of people. The desired end-result is to be confident, dynamic and captivating when speaking before large groups of people.

Get Personal. Begin your affirmations with “I”….okay, we would all probably like to change the behavior of some of the people around us, but we can only affirm for ourselves. However, as you begin to make changes in your own behavior, others will notice and begin to ask what is your secret? ..So, as you share your new techniques, you are, indirectly, also making a positive impact on those around you.

Be Positive. Use a positive spin when saying and writing affirmations as opposed to the negative approach. An example of the difference is stating, I am confident when speaking before groups of people, VS. the negative approach of saying. I am not as nervous or scared as I used to feel when speaking to groups of people.

Be In The Present Tense. You want to keep the statement in the NOW moment for your subconscious mind to fully comprehend the change is for today, NOT someday. Avoid using words like CAN, WILL, SHOULD, COULD, and instead use the empowering word I AM….I am a confident, dynamic and powerful speaker when addressing large groups of people.

Now that you have infected the Quantum Field with Positive Self Talk it is time to pass this along to others.

Have an excellent day.

Thom King
Steviva Brands, Inc.

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