Sliced Bread – Volume #1

It’s the small things each day, that can bring so much pleasure.  A weekly newsletter with some of the coolest things we are enjoying.

Best Choice Products Electric Air Fryer With Rapid Air Circulation:  I love this ‘fryer’ because it mimics deep frying without any of the fat!  I purchased this early in 2017 and have fallen in love with this unique kitchen appliance.  In 12 minutes, you can go from frozen to crispy and tasty French fries without adding any fat!  J. O’Neal, Sales Team

Four Sigmatic Cordyceps Mushroom Elixir Mix:  These are easily the biggest taste delight shared by our staff each day.  We create our own “Steviva” house blend Americano coffees with  1/2 mug whole milk, 2 shots of espresso, a dollop of our in-house Original Nectevia and 1 packet of these Cordyceps Mushroom Elixir Mix.  Decidedly NOT mushroomy.  My daily Steviva Americano gives me chocolate overtones.  I don’t know how.  It just happens.  And it’s amazing. Aside from taste, our team got turned on to Cordyceps as a superfood that brings added energy and focus to the day.  You can use the Cordyceps mix at home just by stirring into a regular cup of coffee.   M. Schmunk, Admin Team

August Smart Lock (2nd Gen):   I recently purchased this smart lock.  It not only connects to my WIFI network, but will automatically unlock or lock the deadbolt based on my proximity to my apartment. Instead of getting a key out to friends, I am able to simply have them download the associated app on their smart phone and use it to unlock the door for when I am away.  Best part: You keep your existing hardware, so you don’t have to change any keys or locks (otherwise my tenant would have issues with this).  J. O’Neal, Sales Team

2 Hour Grocery Delivery by Amazon Prime:  We are fortunate to live in Portland, Oregon for a lot of reasons but life got a whole lot better here last Spring when Amazon began offering 2 hour free grocery delivery.  I live 20 miles from central Portland, and Amazon will make that drive to my house with treasured bags of fresh meat, produce, bread, ice cream, patio furniture, white noise sleep machines and yes, books.  Amazon has a local warehouse stocked with their grocery items, and will also hand shop for me in our fantastic local chain, New Seasons, bringing those to my door in 2 hours as well.  I have reclaimed my weekends and rarely step foot in a grocery store any more.  This needs to be in every city!  P. Michaels, Marketing Team

Best Thing On Our Phones: The Mindfulness App:  The best meditation app I’ve found.  The quality of these guided meditations is excellent and are what I use to get into the right frame of mind every morning. T. King, CEO

Best Thing We Read:    I can’t stress highly enough how mind blowing this article is. “Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future” by Tim Urban is probably the most profound thing I’ve read in the past year, and some of the finest writing you’ll ever encounter on the internet.  Urban details Elon Musk’s larger game plan to get our brains connected beyond the inventive imaginings of Mirror Black.  The article is dense but peppered with fantastic graphics to help it all go down easily.  T. King, CEO

Best Thing We Listened To:  Impact Theory podcast and You Tube show, hosted by the always stellar Tom Bilyeu.  Tom is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, and has taken his mission to help people unleash their full potential into his new venture,  This is a must-subscribe, don’t-miss show, as Tom goes deep with interviews of leaders and innovators. Check out one of our favorite episodes, with Tim Ferriss on building skills and living your best life.  Subscribe on You Tube for video, AND to the podcast, which includes insightful follow-up discussions.  Team Steviva

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