Deliciously sweet and simple, our FruSweet is comprised of 100% Non-GMO crystalline fructose.  Perfect for cooks looking for browning when they bake, and for those seeking a great tasting, low glycemic sweetener.

Nutrition Per Serving
  • 15 Calories
  • 4.2 Carbohydrates
  • Per 1 teaspoon serving
  • Non-GMO crystalline fructose
  • Granular
Available in:

FruSweet Facts

1.75+ times sweeter than sugar, so you can use about half as much!
With only 4.2 carbs per serving and a low glycemic impact compared to table sugar, FruSweet presents as a versatile pantry workhorse. Since it browns and caramelizes when baking, and dissolves easily in hot or cold beverages, it will quickly become a favorite in the kitchen.

How do I use it?


You can use it right away, as an easy substitute for sugar in coffee or tea. There are 96 servings (teaspoon size) in our 1 pound bag! Remember, you’ll only need half as much as regular sugar.

FruSweet dissolves instantly in any hot or cold beverage — just pour and stir!

When baking, replaces table sugar about 2 for 1 (2 cups of table sugar = appx.1 cup of FruSweet).

Crystalline fructose has the browning and carmelizing features cooks look for in baking, making it an excellent replacement for sugar when baking.

What is it made of?

We use only Non-GMO crystalline fructose.

How is it made?

Crystalline fructose is created using the same manufacturing processes as sugar cane or sugar beets.  After undergoing a purification, filtration and crystallization process, the result is crystallized fructose.  Wherein, continuing to refine that same material, will later yield the undesirable high fructose corn syrup, which has a significantly higher glycemic index than crystalline fructose.

Health and Dietary Information

Crystalline fructose should not be confused with high fructose corn syrup, which can contain less than 10% fructose.  Our crystalline fructose has one of the lowest glycemic indexes of any food, with a rating of only 20, compared to 31 for skim milk, and 59 for sucrose (ordinary table sugar).

This means that 1 ounce of fructose raises your blood sugar only about 1/3 as much as an ounce of sucrose, and it releases only about 1/3 as much insulin.  A great choice for those seeking to minimize glycemic impact, and those seeking the benefit of a low-carb sweetening option.

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Where can I buy it?

FruSweet is available in 1 lb, 5 lb, and 55 lb bags.

You can also find it on and at many co-op and grocery stores.

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